The overall economy performance of Australia heavily depends on the logistics and transportation industry. Although all four sectors of the transportation industry (road freight, rail, water and air) are important, the road freight sector generates more than 80% of the total revenue of the transportation industry. The road freight sector generates more than $52 billion and employs over 193,000 people, dominating the Australian market of non-bulk freight goods. And with the increased number of available gasoline and diesel trucks for sale on the market, suitable for transporting goods between and across states, the road freight industry is expected to grow even more.

The higher demand for road freight transport services is a clear indicator of major changes in the economical growth of the country. Recently, the largest transport companies in Australia discussed creating a plan for increased productivity gains for exporters and importers across the country. This shows just how much the Australian economy relies and will continue to depend on the logistics and transportation industry. In fact, a growth of 5% is expected in the next 5 years, according to the Australian experts.

Light and heavy diesel trucks for sale sector is expected to experience the largest growth. In the recent years, the number of registered diesel trucks for sale in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales has increased, as many business owners started to recognize the benefits of diesel engines. As a consequence, the road freight services are in high demand, along with the used diesel trucks. To stay updated with all the latest trends, news and statistics related to the logistics and transportation industry in Australia, read our blog regularly.

The commercial vehicles are mainly used for transportation of goods and passengers. Since transportation affects every aspect of our everyday lif...