The Most Popular Commercial Vehicles

The commercial vehicles are mainly used for transportation of goods and passengers. Since transportation affects every aspect of our everyday life, it is necessary to find a commercial vehicle that can maximize your business’ productivity and profitability. In fact, using good transportation vehicles is the best way to bring your business in a leading position. Today, the commercial vehicles are used for different needs and they can be seen in any industry sector.

The market for commercial vehicles is very big. You can find a wide range of different models with different power and storage capacities. This doesn’t mean that you are limited of buying new commercial vehicles only. There is also a market for used vehicles. Indeed, for many companies or individual operators, the used truck sales are better option because they can find cheaper vehicles in good driving condition.

All commercial vehicles are classified in two groups: light commercial vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles. These two groups include many models, so let’s go through the most popular: 


Trucks – Trucks are certainly the most common commercial vehicles that can be seen all around the world. That’s because the number of used trucks sales is very big. These vehicles are especially designed for transporting cargo and other heavy materials. They vary in size, configuration, power, features and suitable applications. The commercial trucks can be also equipped with specialized equipment and used for very unique applications, such as fire trucks, concrete mixers, truck-mounted cranes, etc. 

Semi-Trucks – The semi-trucks are the most popular truck types in Australia, and also among the largest commercial vehicles on the market. They are used for carrying goods and supplies over long distances and can be seen on every Australian road. Every reputable truck manufacturer design and offers semi-trucks. If new semi-truck is a costly investment for you, search for used truck sales.

Vans – Van, a short form of caravan, is a type of vehicle used for transportation of goods and people. Over the years, this big automobile, or small truck, has been used as an ambulance vehicle, ice cream van, kebab van, public light bus, station wagon, camping van, etc. These commercial vehicles vary in size, power, and configuration.

Buses – The bus is a type of commercial vehicle which is especially designed for transportation of people. The passenger capacity of the buses varies, and some models can carry around 300 passengers. There are many bus models on the market, but the most popular are the double-deckers, articulated buses, mini-buses, single-decker rigid buses, and the coaches.