Scandinavian Design: The Reasons Behind Its Popularity

Another year, more talks on Scandinavian design. How can that be? In a world of so many design choices, and continuously seeing trends come and go, how can we still be talking about this one? It’s true it’s about minimalism, but it’s the type of minimalism that wins you over with its warmth, so it’s not one that makes a home look stale, and monotonous.

Chester Drawers

Yes, this is the design that shows minimalism can be beautiful. Every piece of furniture is a perfect example of what the combination of form and function is like. More so when they are crafted from sustainable hardwood, so you can have your own organic furniture. This can be entertainment units for the living room, chester drawers for more storage in any room, sideboards in the dining room…

Anything of the Scandinavian furniture, with the simple lines, mid-century inspired, is the perfect addition for any room, any home, and any style for that matter. All of the pieces offer versatility, simplicity, luxuriousness, and comfort at the same time. For instance, the entertainment unit, chester drawers, and sideboards fill the interior with aesthetics as much as they do with functionality.

Besides, elements like this, in the mid-century minimalism, also make it easy to add changes with the décor that don’t necessarily have to be that costly because that’s what Scandinavian design and minimalism is all about – outstanding craftsmanship, and affordability.

Starting from natural fabrics, to colours, and items that add brightness, such as lighting fixtures, candles, and even paintings, it’s all part of the decoration when you have the charms of Scandinavian design in your abode. The sustainable natural materials furniture pieces are made of, invite the use of natural fabrics, such as organic cotton, bamboo, or wool in the form of throws, and cushions.

Furthermore, when it comes to brightness, the result can be achieved with filling the interior with soft neutrals, also counting on the help of some patterns, and textures to add a bit of contrast, and then of course, plenty of artworks (e.g. paintings of nature), and lighting fixtures that dazzle both with the design and the brightness.

It’s needless to say the outcome is sophisticated, yet at the same time laid-back, and comfortable, enriching the life of the owners day in and day out. It’s not so difficult to see where all the popularity comes from, and why there’s still so much interest about Scandinavian design inspired interiors, right?