Most Popular And Top Rated Semi Truck Brands For 2014

The number of semi trucks in Australia is significantly increased since 2005, and it is expected to be doubled by 2030. The semi trucks can be seen on the roads all over Australia, since these heavy-duty vehicles are used for transportation of various goods and materials. They play an important part in the entire road transport industry. They are called 18-wheelers in America, lorry in Britain, transport trucks in Canada etc. Regardless of their name, one thing is for sure, these heavy-duty vehicles are the most cost-effective transportation solution in Australia and around the world.semi-trucks 

The semi truck manufacturers have retained the same structure and design, but with some slight changes over the years. Today, the biggest semi truck brands introduce newer and more sleeker models on the market, but they don’t go too far from the classic semi truck design. Some semi truck manufacturers have managed to earn a reputation for high durability. Others have earned a reputation for their powerful semi trucks. The most popular and top rated semi truck brands for the past 2014 are the following ones:

Freightliner – Freightliner is the top dog when it comes to quality and durability. A third from all 190,000 semi trucks which are sold annually belong to Freightliner. This number says a lot about the popularity of this top-selling brand. Freightliner was founded in 1942 in Portland, Oregon, USA. Over the years, this American giant introduced many truck models with different power and carrying capacities. Freightliner’s new line of heavy duty trucks feature greater payload capacity and greater operational efficiency. What makes this brand a No.1 choice for many truck drivers and trucking companies around the world, is the production of the most fuel-efficient semi trucks.

Kenworth Truck Company – Another semi truck manufacturer that deserves to be included in the top list is Kenworth. This American truck manufacturer is focused on producing trucks that offer the highest comfort level for the drivers. The trucks from Kenworth are also considered as fuel-efficient machines. Kenworth’s 52-inch sleeper that promises powerful performance is another reason why this brand deserves to be included in this top 5 list.

Volvo Trucks – Volvo is the second most popular semi truck manufacturer in the world. Headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, Volvo is known for its line of semi trucks that offer great visibility, high strength steel cab, driver’s side airbag and many other features that can be only seen in the trucks from this Swedish manufacturer.

Peterbilt Motor Company – Peterbilt Motor Company was founded in 1939 in Denton, Texas. It is another popular American brand which is known for its class 5 and class 8 semi trucks. This brand was one of the first manufacturers that managed to produce trucks that run on alternative fuels. Peterbilt is focused more on producing environmental-friendly machines that guarantee greater operator’s comfort.

International Trucks – Last but not the least is International Trucks. This brand operates on three continents with manufacturing plants in USA, Mexico and Canada. With a network of more than 1,000 dealerships, International Trucks is present in many countries around the world. What makes the semi trucks from this manufacturer so popular, is the standard roll stability, excellent maneuverability, and superior 50-degree wheel cut. These trucks are called the ‘kings of the road’.