Workwear: Adding Interest to Outfits with Popular Accessories

If you take work success seriously, then you probably take your workwear seriously too. After all, it’s part of the professional image you create for yourself and project to colleagues, employers and clients, so it’s more than necessary to work on it.

Some individuals are lucky enough to be able to create their own looks daily thanks to the lack of dress codes, whereas others can’t have much say in them due to having to wear uniforms. Whichever group you belong to, you can always freshen up your outfits regardless of the dress code (or lack thereof) and it won’t even cost you that much!

It may sound too good to be true, but that’s exactly what accessories offer and the best thing about them is they’re quite versatile. Here are some popular choices.

Add Some Flair with Embroidery


Depending on where you’re working, whether it’s at an office or in some hospitality business, you can find stylish and affordable embroidered patches suitable for the different work environments. Unlike direct embroidery, these aren’t permanent and can be added and switched as you see fit. The reason they’re such a trendy accessorising option has to do with their ability to customise any outfit and make it original.

For instance, when working at a place with its own brand, you can wear a patch with the business logo as part of a marketing strategy. Whereas, if that’s not in the case, you can express your uniqueness with a fun and colourful patch to your liking. In other words, besides the uniform patches, there are custom designs too, and along with the wide range of options, you have a great deal of flexibility when it comes to their application.

In case the employer doesn’t give you strict rules as to where you can use the embroidery patches, you can choose to add them on T-shirts, shirts, vests, jackets, as well as bags, purses, aprons or hats. I have been even more creative with them and have used them to cover up damages from the iron or stubborn stains I was too lazy to remove. As an added bonus to using them, they’re durable, and leave a lasting impression with the clientele. If, by chance, you’re looking for an alternative, then consider fancy pins.

Scarf the Outfit


Perhaps you feel like going to work in the same clothes two days in a row and want to subtly change the look without changing the clothing pieces or maybe you want to add your own signature to the uniform you’re wearing as part of a team – the solution for both situations lies in introducing scarves!

If you want to be chic and stylish effortlessly, pick scarves as your go-to work accessories considering they always find their place on the runways, season after season. Depending on how formal or casual your outfits are, you can choose from scarves available in a wide range of materials, patterns and colours.

This kind of fashionable accessory leaves you with the opportunity to change the way you wear it. For example, one day you can style a scarf around the neck, the other day you can wear it as a bandana. If you grow tired of both, you can style it as a head scarf, as a pocket square, or add some interest with it on an apron or a bag.

Don’t worry if you need help with tying the scarves, there are many step-by-step guides and videos you can find online and wear them like a pro! Not saying you will grow to hate scarves, but if there ever comes a time that you feel in need of a change, spice it up with a lavaliere tie which is classy and perfect for high neck shirts.

Put a Belt On It


Keeping it subtle yet stylish, count on the help of belts too. They’re the accessories for work that seamlessly change your outfits and give you the flattering definition to your body without it being inappropriate or too much. No surprise they’re essential pieces of the business casual attire both for men and women.

Other ways they add dimension to uniforms and looks consisting of pants, skirts or dresses are also through the materials, designs, colours and patterns they come in. A classy outcome is combining a leather belt with leather bags with a timeless design and ballerina shoes for that simple yet elegant detailing.

In case you want to make a bigger impact, you could opt for a wide belt design which is more on the casual side. Mind you though, if you want to look and feel your best, you shouldn’t choose anything flashy but rather stick to styles, patterns and colours that complement the rest of the accessories and clothing pieces. Besides the simple design I personally like the braided one as it’s perfect for adding texture without it being too overwhelming.