Leather Bags: The Most Popular Accessories with Timeless Design

What is it about leather bags that makes them so popular? Is it the high-quality of the material or the fashion status attached to a good leather bag? Leather, in its most basic form, is made from the hide of an animal. Hair and debris are removed, the hides are cleaned and then stretched and tanned. The process and chemicals used determine the type of leather produced, from soft leather to suede to hard stiff leather.

Apart from bags, many other products are made of leather such as shoes, hats, belts and more. For a complete outfit and confident look, many people are wondering if shoes and bags have to match? Luckily, leather handbags are available in a wide variety of colours and sizes, so you can easily find the one that suits your style and appearance and gives you more confidence.

travelling leather bag

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When choosing your leather bag, whether it’s a handbag, travel bag or backpack, it’s also important to find one that is both functional and attractive. Leather is a durable material, which is another reason why leather bags are the most popular fashion accessories that never go out of style. One of the greatest things about leather is that its flexibility increases over time and the longer you use your bag, the better it will look. So, what are the main reasons for the increasing popularity of leather bags Australia wide?

Reasons to Choose a Leather Bag

Quality Investment

If you’ll compare the price of a leather bag with the price of a bag made from other material, you’ll notice that the leather is more expensive. This may make you tentative during your buying process, but, a good quality leather bag is a well-worth investment. It’s less likely that it will need further repairs and the long-life characteristics of leather prevent you from the hassle of repeated purchase of bags. Investing in a leather bag will save you more money in the long term as you’ll use it for the next 10 years and more.

Naturally Waterproof & Breathable

woman with a leather bag

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Leather offers several natural properties that make it a perfect solution for bags and backpacks, and one of the most important ones is its high resistance to many of the treats that can affect an average handbag. Well-treated leather is moisture resistant and breathable, which means it can fight against bad odour, fungus, dust mites or dry abrasion.


Most people practice conscientious buying practices to minimise the negative effects on the local and global environment. Leather is a natural material unlike other synthetic products used to make bags. The process of producing leather goods is not harmful to the environment since lab-based chemicals are not involved in it. Buying a handmade leather product can give you peace of mind and keep you on the “green side”.


Handmade leather products offer a unique sense of elegance, which makes leather handbags one of the most popular types out there. Your leather bag will provide a sleek and elegant look and can make an attractive and fashion statement in the same breath. A hand-stitched bag will always add a sense of class and professionalism to your look. Handcrafted leather bags come in a range of designs that can adapt easily to your style.

fashionable leather bags

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Easy to Maintain

It’s recommendable to use a dry cloth to remove dust or invest in a specialist cleaning product for further protection. To keep the leather from drying out, try to apply a conditioner, but make sure to rest a little bit of it on a small hidden spot of the bag, where there is no danger of damage or discolouration. Keep your leather bag in a container that can ventilate. In case your leather bag gets wet, allow it to air dry before putting it away. Avoid exposing your leather bag to direct sun for long periods as it may dry out the leather or have the colour fade.

How to Choose a Leather Bag

When looking for a leather bag, there a few factors to take into consideration, from style and size to function and finish. It can be a challenging experience given the variety of leather handbags on the market, so here are some tips that can help you make the right choice easily.

Pay Attention to the Design Details

designer leather bag

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Handmade leather backpacks, bags and handbags are the hallmarks of quality craftsmanship from the designers. Hand-stitching provides greater attention to details and authenticity that can match your style and preferences. Leather handbags are more than just an accessory. They are a piece of art that comes in style and versatility.

Choose the Right Size

Depending on the intended use of the bag, you can find the ideal size. Whether you need a spacious bag to act as hand luggage, a smaller handbag to carry around only the most basic possessions, or a computer sleeve specifically designed to fit your 15’’ screen laptop, make sure to check the dimension details before purchasing your leather bag.

Consider the Finishing of the Bag

Apart from the overall size of the bag, check for added features such as detachable shoulder straps, side pockets, inner compartments, adjustable buckles and more. Zippers are an essential component of a bag and they need to be set into the bag properly. The handles are your first contact with the bag, so they must be sturdy and comfortable in your hand. If you purchase a leather bag with two handles, remember to always pick it up using both handles.

black leather bag

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Quality and texture of the leather are the main features of a bag. Good quality leather handbags usually have the edges that have been polished by hand and it’s one of the ways artisans can express the attention put into the bag.

Why Are Handbags So Important?

Handbags play an important role in the life and style of modern women. Leather handbags have been considered as a fashion statement throughout the years. These stylish handbags can be used for carrying important personal belongings daily, such as phone, keys, money etc. but also for carrying your laptop or books to work, or packing the essentials for a weekend away.