The Most Popular Ergonomic Chair Solutions for Your Office

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The health and well-being of the employees play a vital role regarding with what kind of energy they are going to be fulfilling their tasks in the office. And since office work goes hand in hand with prolonged sitting, back and neck pain and stiffness are the main mood and productivity killers. That being said, providing the employees with ergonomic chairs should be very high on the priority list of every employer. Sitting for 8 hours straight may be an excruciating experience if the person doesn’t have the right support for their body. This and several other factors are reason enough for any employer not to rely on office chairs that don’t take into account the various needs of the employees.

For instance, for plus size and taller employees, the perfect choice are the office chairs heavy duty variety. They have high backrest and their seat-height adjustment range has the option to be adjusted higher than the traditional ergonomic chairs. One of the best characteristics of the office chairs heavy duty models is the fact that they are designed to be able to support even individuals who weigh over 115 kg. Even though these chairs are more massive than the others, they can still look stylish and fit the setting of your office environment.

Next, you should also opt for lumber support ergonomic chairs for decreasing the risk of muscular disbalance of your employees. This type of chairs provides proper alignment of the shoulders and hips, thus maintaining the natural inward curvature of the lower spine. Among the worth mentioning features are the height adjustable arms which allow your elbows and forearms to be supported by the armrests in a suitable position.

Ergonomic Chair
An ergonomic chair with a sliding seat is yet another variety. These offer options for seat depth adjustment,  seat angle adjustment and back adjustment. The backrest can be adjusted within the range of 30-50 cm. the depth adjustment is a rather useful feature since it prevents slouching and reduces the pressure on the spine.

To sum it up, sitting for prolonged hours can be far more bearable and even enjoyable with the help of ergonomic chairs. Since a lot of technology is involved in the creation of such chairs, there’s no doubt that the body’s natural curves and alignment are not taken for granted.  Sitting in a nicely designed chair can reduce muscle tension and prevent future and more serious issues for developing such as carpal tunnel syndrome for instance.