The Most Popular Lego Creator Game

The Lego Creator program features products for kids of all ages. Despite being fun, a Lego Creator game is also educational. It helps children develop logic and teaches them critical thinking, like which step goes first, and how can things be done in more than one way.

When it comes to play, kids can be such perfectionists and sometimes are dissatisfied with their constructions. Here is where the Lego Creator game comes in handy. It allows kids to create something meaningful that will give them satisfaction. The construction can be kept on a shelf until kids decide to rebuild it.

Here are some of the most popular Lego Creator game products:

  • LEGO Creator Sydney Opera House

    This Lego Creator game is suitable for children 16 and over as it features blocks for building the Sydney Opera House, one of the most iconic buildings in the world. Children can recreate the unmistakable shell roofline, waterfront forecourt and other authentic trademarks of this world-famous landmark and Australia’s most iconic building. Children will employ all the building techniques they already know and even acquire some new ones!


  • LEGO Creator Family House

    This Lego Creator game has it all! It has a Mediterranean villa, industrial factory and a house. It is a 3-in-1 set, with accessories included: a male and a female mini-figure, open layout, glass exterior, hanging lamp with LEGO light brick, garage with opening door, small pond, tree, yellow car, bed, table and an armchair. There are also accessories like milk carton, cup, chicken legs, lamp, grill, small bird and a toy car with controller, for the ultimate playing experience.


  • LEGO Creator Forest Animals

    Kids can create own zoo with this 3-in-1 Lego Creator game that features a monkey, a bear and a squirrel. Eyebrows, eyes and the mouth can be adjusted to create an expression on the animal’s face. Kids can even give the monkey a banana and make it hang on a tree! How cool is that!

These are just some of the most popular Lego Creator game sets. There is a wide variety of kits available; all you need to do is choose what your kid(s) enjoys building. Is he into cars, helicopters? Maybe loves building houses? Or maybe islands, forests and gardens? All kits come with a building instruction, so your child’s brick adventure will be super fun and educational. Even you, as a parent, will love the fantasy world of the Lego Creator.