The Most Popular Modern Indoor Pots for Every Part of Your Home

One of the great things about taking care of plants, whether that’s indoors or outdoors, is that they can add so much richness, variety and colour wherever you place them. Keep in mind though – what you plant them in also plays a great role in the kind of vibe they give to the place and complements their beauty.

You may want something more functional or rugged for your outdoor space, but when it comes to your living room area, you may want something more modern and simple. Regardless of what specifically you need them for, today you can find a wide array of wholesale pots or models that you need in a small number for your home in different designs and materials. Here are some of the most popular designs you can find on the market.

wholesale pots 6

Tower Pot Set of 2

These hand made Aussie design pots can be the perfect addition to your home interior or your outdoor decor. You can find these as wholesale pots or you can buy just a couple of them to create your dreamy garden. They are very practical and their unique shapes add interest and timeless appeal to whatever part of your home you may decide to place them. And since they are made from fibreglass, they are quite lightweight and that makes them easily portable.

Lechuza Cubico

This simple rectangular planter would look perfect in any hallway. Its classic cubic shape fits well into a variety of decor styles while the durable frost and UV resistant PP plastic make this planter a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor use. What you will definitely love about this Lechuza Cubico pot is its self-watering feature which will take care of your plants’ watering needs. Just fill up the reservoir and you won’t have to worry about watering your plants for days.

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Rivet Geometric Ceramic Planter

This beautiful model of a pot with geometric patterns and a clean colour palette is a real piece of art. However, it does not have drainage holes so you may want to use it more like an outer pot. You can place the plant in an inner plastic pot with drainage holes and then put it inside the ceramic geometric planter. This will make watering easier because you can just take your plant to the sink, lift the plastic pot and water it under the tap. Make sure that you let it drain for a few minutes before you put it back again into your decorative pot.

ZAKKIA metal Pots Set of 3

If you are still looking for the perfect set of pots, the ZAKKIA metal Pots Set of 3 may be just what your backyard needs. These metal pieces are very lightweight so you can easily move them around. Plus, they have a very modern and striking design which makes them ideal for contemporary homes. What makes them even more unique is the fact that they are handmade in India and give an authentic rustic feel.