The Most Popular Gifts for Every Type of Coworker

Over the past few years, the pandemic has taught us that all that matters is being healthy and being surrounded by loved ones. And since a lot of us are obliged to work from home, it’s really quite hard not being able to see our colleagues especially the ones that are like family to us. But this doesn’t mean that we can’t stay in contact with them or can’t make them happy. Whether you have an occasion to celebrate something or you just want to pamper one of your favourite coworkers for no reason, there are plenty of ways to do that. And, one of the simplest is pampering them with a small but meaningful gift.

For the One Who Craves Sugar All The Time

edible gift

Can you imagine the reaction the moment he/she sees an edible gift box? Just priceless. In fact, no one can resist receiving a desert delivery filled up with exquisite chocolates, mini cakes, cookies, biscuits and so much more. The truth is that there are lots of delicious edible gift boxes to choose from, containing various perfect bite-sized treats that will delight your senses. You can pick the ready-made edible gifts to send or you can create a customised gift box that can match your coworker’s personal taste. One thing is certain, you’ll never go back to buying an ordinary chocolate box from the store.

For the One Who Loves Doughnuts

A great glazed doughnut is best eaten fresh, so why don’t you surprise your favourite coworker who’s always UP for doughnuts with a box of different types of his favourite dessert? There really is no better way to show someone how big your love is than by gifting him/her a box full of doughnuts. You can choose from the many chocolate and vanilla doughnut fillings that can be glazed literally with anything you like. Starting from black and white chocolate, to vanilla, strawberry or even jam glaze. The choice is all up to you, just make sure that you take into account your coworkers taste first, as you can get under the ‘spell’ of this box’s beauty and totally forget that it’s supposed to be a present and not for personal satisfaction. Of course, pampering yourself too with an edible doughnut box won’t hurt anybody, right?! 

Although a lot of people try to make their own doughnut box, the truth is that the outcome won’t be even close to the amazing creations professionals can make. So, instead of wandering for hours about where to buy edible arrangements, ingredients you can just visit any trusted sweet or savoury store and dive into their amazing offers. 

For the Coffee Addict

coffee maker

Let’s admit it, all of us has that one type of coworker who loves and enjoys drinking coffee all the time. And to be honest, there’s nothing wrong with that. Whether working from home or not, you can help your loved person to always have his coffee warm and nice by pampering him/her with a nice insulated stainless steel mug. Thanks to its material, this mug is designed to the coffee warm to a specific temperature for hours. To make the gift even more perfect, you can also treat him/her to a small-sized coffee maker  that will help your colleague prepare his/her own professionally-made coffee at home.

For the Tech Guy

Although at first, you might think that buying a gift for a guy like that could be tricky, the truth is that they’re quite simple. Guys like this will literally be happy with any kind of gift that is related to computers or technology in general. A portable charger is something we all need, and your guy will be more than thrilled to receive a gift like this because it’ll make his workdays easier. A wifi-charger is another similar gift that you can choose, as well as an ergonomic mouse pad that will aid his wrist. You can never go wrong by treating him/her with a Bluetooth speaker, headphones and even a phone case.

For the Plant Lover

plant lover gift

Whenever we want to add freshness in an office, home or any other space, it’s plants that we turn to first. They are a proven way to improve the air quality, happiness and productivity which is a reason more why you should give a plant as a gift. For this purpose, you can pamper him/her with an easy-to-care-for plant.

For the Tea Lover

For those who love tea more than coffee, you can pamper them with a wooden tea box that contains different kinds of selected teas. This is a timeless gift that can be used over and over again as it can be refilled. Except for a wooden box, you can also choose from many other box models ranging in design, material and colour.