Prep Your Yoga Mat & Start Shaping That Popular Instagram Look Stat

Lately, whenever we see a person with a perfect poise, toned body and glowing skin, we immediately suspect that yoga might have something to do with it. Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m pretty sure you are reasonably familiar with how big of a sensation has this practice become over the last decade. People from every religion have started to embrace and alter it in accordance to their personal beliefs and needs. But even if this has somehow escaped you, you must have an Instagram account and a picture of two that reveal an embodiment of the feminine of masculine divine is surely something that you can recall in your mind.

Yoga Mats Australia Online

Well, do you know how those people made their bodies look like an artwork? Stretch, breathe, release, repeat. Although this may seem like a quick word play I just made up, it’s actually all yoga is about. Before we go into more detail regarding each of these four aspects, I must emphasize the importance of good yoga equipment. Apart form being a great source of motivation, since it makes you feel like a member of a huge tribe, the right yoga equipment can target our every need and help you reach your goals a lot faster.

The yoga mat is the most important piece without which some poses may even end in a disaster (think of the wheel pose). As with anything else that attracts the attention of the majority, the grand status of yoga resulted in a plethora of yoga mats Australia online and offline stores reacted to the hype and stared offering different mats according to style, texture, material, stickiness and what not.

Yoga Mats Australia Online

Now back to that magic four word formula. In order to be able to dazzle your followers in a year or less, you need to make a thorough plan. First of all, you’ll need to get yourself a quality mat from those offered by yoga mats Australia online retailers, then, find the perfect place in your home that will signal that exercise time has come. I bet you remember a wise piece of advice when you first started school, when some of your relatives or your teacher advised you to always study in one same place in the house. Well, the same goes for yoga.

Next, let’s say you’ve learned a few poses from an online video guide or a book – remember that you mustn’t get too attached to someone else’s rules. Your body is communicating with you and you need to listen. Whenever you extend the stretch, the toning of your body takes place. However, if you feel immense pain, you must breathe more and stretch less, but still hold on to the pose. This bring us to the second most important aspect – your breath. Often times, we hear yoga teachers breathing all too loud and we get the feeling that if we cannot hear it, we’re not doing it right, however, this cannot be further from the truth. Your breath should be even and calming, just like water flow, not waterfall. Just look at the plants – they are stuck in eternal yoga poses, their breathing creates life, yet, there are no noises.
Furthermore, we’ve all heard the saying that all things great come in pairs. Well, all demanding yoga poses, yes, those essential ones that pave the way to your body of a viking or a goddess have a counter pose that releases the tension of the muscles. Last but not least, don’t forget to stick to your routine – repeat, repeat, repeat until you achieve balance and magical feet.