The Most Popular Coffee Makers

Ah, coffee! People from all over the world are passionate about this popular beverage. While some do not have special preferences and simply grab a cup of coffee the very first minute they hit the kitchen in the morning, others are always searching for the perfect coffee blend. Whether you are an espresso enthusiast or a cappuccino expert, here are some of the most popular coffee makers you can use to prepare your favorite drink.


Bodum French Press

Also known as Bodum coffee plunge, the Bodum French press is a reliable method for making a delicious cup of coffee. Able to extract an amazing amount of flavour from the coffee beans in a short brewing time, Bodum coffee plunge is a great option for those hectic mornings. It gives the user a complete control over the brewing time and the strength of the coffee. And it’s super easy to use. Pull the plunger out, put coffee into the pot (2 scoop per cup of water), pour hot water, stir the brew and put on the plunger. Leave to brew for about 5 minutes then slowly lower the plunger and voila, you have your coffee. Bodum coffee plunge is available in different colours and designs, what allows you to choose the model that best matches the décor of your kitchen and your personal preferences.


A portable, single cup maker able to produce a smooth cup of coffee in 30 seconds. With this cheap small kitchen gadget all you need to do is pour a spoon of your favourite coffee in the tube, add hot water and then press down the plunger. Easy to clean, AeroPress comes with 350 disposable micro-filters which makes it a low-cost coffee-making solution.

Moka Pot

Also known as the moka espresso, it was invented in the early 1930s. Since, it has been used for making a killer coffee. Very popular in Europe and Central and South America, Moka Pot is usually made of aluminum or stainless steel and is available in any local department store. Even though it does not provide the user with much control over the brewing process, Moka Pot is super easy to use and offers a balanced sup of coffee rich in flavours.

Pour-Over Brewing

Pour-over brewing gadgets are pretty simple. They usually consist of a glass or plastic cone mounted on top of carafe and a paper or cloth filter used for storing the coffee, Pour-Over Brewing coffee makers give you the control over the amount of coffee that goes into the filter and the temperature of the water. Because water stays in contact with the coffee for longer as it goes down trough the grind, the result is a smooth and balanced cup of coffee.

Filter Coffee Machine

If playing around with coffee beans is to much for you to handle in the morning, then a filter coffee machine is your ideal coffee-making solution. This popular small kitchen appliance is simple to use; most models can makes up to 12 cups of coffee at once and it can keep the glass pot, ergo the coffee warm for several hours. Some models even feature a timer, so you can get a cup of hot coffee the instant you wake up.