The Great Debate: Complete Skateboards vs. Custom Creations


Choosing the right skateboard for your skating style is crucial. While many skaters enjoy their custom-made boards, others swear at complete skateboards being fuss-free and ready to drive. With this article, we want to give you the pros and cons of each skate type so you can make the right decision.


Complete Skateboards

What does a complete skateboard mean? Complete skateboards, sometimes called “completes,” are full skateboards offered pre-assembled. Getting a ready-to-ride complete skateboard makes buying your first skateboard simple, compared to buying each component individually and creating the skateboard yourself.


The purchase of a complete skateboard has numerous benefits. To begin with, here are some of them.

Ready to Skate

All you need to do is skate after opening the package of your new complete skateboard. It’s difficult to top that advantage. Because of this incredible practicality and because complete skateboards provide good “foundation” skateboards, they’re preferred by new and beginner skaters.

Less Expensive

Another immense advantage is that complete skateboards are nearly always less expensive. That implies you won’t lose money if you decide skateboarding isn’t for you. That’s crucial for those beginning a new hobby and may not yet know if they enjoy it.

Not an Immense Difference

Another benefit is that the quality difference between a custom skateboard and a complete one isn’t that big. Although a custom board will undoubtedly be higher quality if you spend more money and trick it out, most experienced riders won’t notice the difference. You’ll unlikely notice the difference between a complete board and a bespoke one unless you ride vert ramps or grinding rails.

You Can Always Upgrade

Additionally, you may always upgrade to a more customised board from a complete one.


Not-so-great Quality Control

The actual problem here is not so much having poor parts as it is quality control. Cheap complete boards are particularly vulnerable to this issue because their trucks, wheels, and bearings are sometimes less expensive.

Not a Custom Design

Another drawback is that complete boards come with no bespoke design. All you’ll have are factory wheels, bearings, etc. That’s barely ideal for experienced skaters.


Custom Skateboards

A custom skateboard comes in separate components, which you or your retailer can assemble. Complete skateboards are distinct from custom ones in that the former arrives preassembled from the manufacturer or store where you purchased it.

Now, is it better to build a skateboard? While beginners should get a complete skateboard as they’re the most suitable for their needs, those who have progressed beyond the novice level and know what suits them and what doesn’t should have a customised board to fit their style best.


Customisation Available

You can create any design for your board by selecting from unlimited wood layers. On the other hand, the board’s trucks and deck must both be the same width. With some skill, you can customise your board to your liking aside from width. As you get more skating expertise, you’ll become more aware of what works and what doesn’t. Purchasing bespoke boards has the immense benefit of allowing you to customise them to fit your body size.

Better Safety

Because of the superior material quality, custom boards are typically more expensive. Your security is paramount if you’re a professional and spend a lot of time at parks. Because of their durability and safety features, custom boards reduce the chance of someone falling off or board breaking. You choose the robust pieces that will guarantee your safety when you choose them because you can feel and see the details.


Comfort comes from knowing that you choose the components with professional assistance. When a skateboard is delivered fully assembled, you can’t test it before; with a custom board, you eliminate all of those uncertainties.

Creating a personalised board is more than just showing off your style or inventiveness while selecting the finest patterns. To improve comfort and range, you can also utilise it.

Shape Preference

There are many distinct shapes for skateboards. As a result, it can be difficult for a newbie to comprehend their preferences. Once you know what you want, you can tell the maker what you find comfortable so they can make it as convenient as possible. It depends on your preference, as some people prefer flat designs while others prefer concave shapes.

When something comes built to suit your preferences, you’ll naturally enjoy it and perform better every time.


More Expensive

Custom setups can be more expensive, especially if riders opt for premium components, making it less budget-friendly than a complete skateboard.

Complex Decision Making

Building a custom skateboard requires in-depth knowledge about skateboard components, which can be daunting for beginners or those new to customisation.


The Final Verdict

A complete board is your best bet if you’re seeking something simple to buy without the risk of breaking the bank. Numerous well-known skateboard brands have been around for more than 20 years, and you can find many excellent options.

A customised skateboard could be the ideal option if you’re looking for something designed specifically to fit your taste. Remember that choosing trucks, wheels, and bearings isn’t the only consideration. Depending on your desired features, a skateboard’s deck can also change. Some want their boards stiff, and others who like a little give. It all varies, and you can choose when using a custom board.