Reasons that Show Why Skateboarding is Still as Popular as Ever

Though football and basketball are still favourites as pastime activities among people of all ages, skateboarding isn’t far behind either. This may come as a surprise to nay-sayers of this sport, but it’s here to stay for quite some time. It’s been such an influential force that it even made its mark on clothing style, not to mention the impact on lifestyles in general leading to the rising number of skateboarding communities all over the world.

Sure it’s had its ups and downs, but part of its recurring appeal is the fact you don’t require any particular equipment; just visit a skateboardstore online, pick your board, and as soon as it’s delivered at your doorstep, you’re good to go and conquer those streets and pavements. However, that doesn’t mean you should take safety for granted, so along with choosing the board, make sure you focus on the safety bits and pieces, and appropriate clothing as well.

Skateboardstore Online

The fact it’s still widely considered as a form of expression goes to show just how deeply rooted it is in our societies. It’s an experience that enables you to come one on one with cities, and get to know them thoroughly. As soon as you pay a skateboardstore online a visit, you can consider yourself hooked. Even rookie skateboarders get that “curse and gift” of seeing urban spaces in a unique way; all sorts of architectural features become possible skateboarding tracks.

When you become a skateboarder, you enter in a sort of movement which opens up opportunities to get to know like-minded passionate people all over the planet, and get to travel the world, visiting skateboarding meccas like Europe’s Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Brazil’s Brasilia, US’s LA and San Francisco, apart from our Australian skateboarding heaven Melbourne.

Last year’s news about the entry in the Olympics in 2020 in Tokyo only made skateboarding further establish as a sport. Let’s not forget there’s also the International Skateboarding Federation, and numerous events and competitions where skateboarders from all around the globe can meet up, share ideas, experiences, and win prizes. This means a determined skateboarder can get from rookie to pro and even make a living out of this sport.

And last but not least, we can’t deny the many health benefits that are the result of making this sport (or hobby) part of your lifestyle. It’s the perfect stress relief activity, that also enables you to work on your flexibility, trying to get successful with all the different manoeuvres, and tricks, improving your endurance, balance, overall fitness. So, if you still haven’t given this sport a chance, now is the time.