Versatile Popular Furniture Pieces for Unique Interior Décor

I’ll say it right away, decorating one’s home is no easy business. It takes a great deal of creativity, defined taste as well as the budget to suit both to come up with a comfortable and welcoming interior. Whether you feel like you can handle it on your own or you’re just a rookie in need of some professional eye and help, fret not – you’ve got this! The trick is in finding the right pieces that offer versatility, so they are well worth their price, and not in filling up the space with out-of-place objects just so it wouldn’t look empty.

This is where accent pieces can help you, and with the vast choices of accent furniture Australia round shops have for sale you wouldn’t have much of a trouble to get the inspiration you need and inject your home with some vibrancy. I have three versatile accent pieces, rightfully popular, you can start with: chair, table and mirror.

Accent Furniture

Unless you’re up for adopting a strict minimal style, representative of Japanese traditional homes, chairs are unavoidable. Chairs have long passed their sole utility role, and have a say in interior décor, particularly accent ones. The reason they’re called accent is enough to show you why they’re essential when you want to bring life to your nest. If you’re not up for experimenting much with mixing styles, you can opt for accent furniture in styles that are the blend of elegance and simplicity, such as French provincial and coastal, resting assured they never look out of place.

Great thing about accent chairs? You can move them anywhere you want, anytime you want. When you get bored of their usefulness and beauty in the living room, serving as decorative pieces and extra seating, you can move them in the bedroom right beside your bed. They’re also the perfect addition in your hallway, where they live up more than their utility purpose, as they make for a fine grand entrance.

Speaking of the hallway, tables, as the second accent furniture Australia shops abound in, further personalise the space when paired up with the accent chairs. Along with being used as mail, key, hat, sunglasses and umbrella storage, an accent table with its intricate details can give the space a special decorating touch. Movable as the chairs, tables can be placed all around your home, and considering they’re accent, they won’t cramp up the space creating visual clutter – on the contrary, they can only be at the benefit of the décor and you can personalise them more by adding a few ornaments.

And finally, mirrors! I don’t know about you, but mirrors and décor always go well together for me. A mirror can be added just about anywhere, be it under the staircase, right by the door, above the accent table in the hallway, boudoir or living room (and these are just to name a few). The beauty of mirrors lies in their shape and frame, which gives them an extra role once you feel like they’ve served you well and ought to go: use the frame to create wall art. To name a few ideas, you can frame your TV screen, make a collage of your favourite photos and frame them, or frame your favourite ornamental bits and pieces – the possibilities are endless.