Popular Ways to Create a Dreamy Hamptons-style Outdoor Area

Unsurprisingly, Hamptons style interior design has become popular in Australia, given that the country is known for its love of the seaside. However, Hamptons styling may also apply to your outdoor living space, so it’s not just about interior design. What more could a true-blue Australian desire from their outdoor space than to relax outdoors on comfortable couches while enjoying a fresh evening breeze? Read on to see how you can construct an opulent yet cosy, rustic yet elegant outdoor entertaining area if coastal outdoor life appeals to you and you’re motivated to design your own Hamptons style outdoor area.

What Defines Hamptons Style?

outdoor area styled by Hamptons

source: completehome.com.au

Although the wealthy beachfront neighbourhood on Long Island, New York, is what originally inspired the Hamptons style, our way of life also perfectly fits with it. The Hamptons style exudes a cosy, carefree, beachy vibe, ideal for the Australian relaxed way of life. The characteristics of a Hamptons-style home, reminiscent of opulent summer estates and carefree days by the beach, include soft coastal pastels, casual décor, and bright, spacious interiors. But, your property can have a classic elegance with this popular design on the outside just as on the inside. How can you achieve that?

How to Style Your Outdoor Area Hamptons-style?

The most effortless way to create a Hamptons home, including the outdoor area, is by adorning it with furnishings that flawlessly capture the design. The aim is to combine comfort, luxury, and functionality. A large sofa with numerous cushions, armchairs with upholstery, white furniture, or a Hamptons planter box are all examples of furniture in the Hampton style. These go perfectly with neutral backgrounds that exude a lot of light. Here are simple how-to ideas.

Keep Your Large Furniture Pieces Neutral

Rattan, teak wood, and white or whitewashed furniture perfectly embody Hampton’s aesthetic. This classic design style is characterised primarily by a calming hue palette of pastels, all-white, or soft grey. Maintaining neutral furnishings is a fantastic place to start. For example, a dining table and bench seat set can be a fashionable update on the traditional picnic design. These perfectly encapsulate beachy chic. If you’re more into creating a patio lounge area, choosing an outdoor sofa, chairs, and a coffee table is the way to go.

Add Greenery

Hamptons planter box with plant in the patio

source: hamptonshome.com.au

Whether you’re going with a dining or a lounge outdoor space, white and grey Hampton-style planter box models are the perfect complementary pieces for your home entry. You can get the look of timber with the benefits of no maintenance and durability associated with PVC. Opt for a durable PVC design that will not warp, rust or deteriorate.

Transforming a plain outdoor area into a chic, fashionable Hamptons or coastal outdoor spot is easy with a Hamptons planter box. Without some greenery, no outdoor space is complete! Foliage is what truly gives life to Hamptons’ style! That’s why your flowering plants and the surrounding vegetation are the essential accents in your Hamptons-style outdoor space.

Plants in Hamptons-style planter boxes should be grown in tiny gardens, courtyards, or balconies and placed evenly around the area. Or set two white-washed timber-like planters with miniature fruit trees, roses, or gardenias at your front door for a warm Hamptons-style entrance. With various potted plants set up along pebble-lined paths, you can create a beach-inspired atmosphere in your garden.

Of course, the Australian climate promotes different plant species than the New York coastline, but many choices work with our surroundings. Your outside space will feel more tropical with potted palm trees, fiddle leaf figs, or even a pineapple plant. Plant some boxwood hedging, or go for an ivy-covered wall for a lush green backdrop for a more traditional Hamptons garden setting.

Pick Your Accent Colours Carefully

Choose colours wisely so you can maintain the Hamptons vibe. Typically, this classic design uses accent colours influenced by the water, such as deep blue or ocean green tones. You can also use a different neutral shade as your accent as an alternative. For example, a neutral Hamptons colour scheme complements the current interior design trend of beige. To pull off the Hamptons look, you must summon “timeless elegance.” This look combines a luxurious, sophisticated feel with a laid-back coastal image.

Play with Patterns

This traditional design preference adores prints! A Hamptons-inspired outdoor patio is the perfect setting for gingham, stripes, paisley, or flower patterns. They’re necessary! The following are some suggestions for adding prints to your Hamptons outdoor space: scatter cushions, table runners, tableware, outdoor umbrellas, and outdoor rugs. Find items made of jute, linen, or other organic materials to complement the vibe.

Use a Summery Fragrance

Our sense of smell is a major one that influences how we perceive a certain space. It will help to a great extent to burn a candle with a summery aroma, such as a palm beach jasmine and lime candle.

Tie the Look Together with Décor

Your outdoor Hamptons setting will come together with opulent touches like marble and brass or coastal-inspired pieces like this faux shell fruit bowl. There are more options than ever due to the popularity of this fashion, such as a gorgeous brass and rattan cocktail set; it’s the ideal finishing touch that makes an area party-ready. Furthermore, orchids are always a good choice. The more plants, the better, not only for your planters but also as table centrepieces and as complementary décor.