What Makes Teak the Most Popular Choice for Outdoor Furniture?

While you might be more worried about choosing your indoor furniture, the truth is, choosing the right outdoor furniture is as important if not more so, considering the fact that it will be exposed to the elements 24/7. And as you know, Australian weather is not known for being furniture friendly. The frequent pouring rain and scorching sun can take their toll on your outdoor furniture set. Considering this, it’s no wonder teak furnishings are the most popular choice both for home owners and commercial businesses looking to outfit their outdoor space with functionality and appeal.

But why teak? Unlike other hardwoods, teak is not only exceptionally strong, but it also comes with its own natural layer of protection. Due to the high content of naturally occurring rubber and oils, teak is able to withstand extreme weather conditions, as well as rot and insects, ensuring your investment will last year after year. If you’re running a restaurant, it’s in your best interest to buy something that’s durable, and purchasing teak outdoor furniture wholesale sounds like a smart thing to do.

Teak Outdoor Furniture

Not only is teak very resistant to wear and tear, it also has a very elegant look to it. Thanks to the same rubber and oils that provide it with protection, teak also has a wonderful natural shine and rich texture that cannot be found in other woods. Its buttery gold colour can make any outdoor space look luxurious. If you’d like to keep your furnishing this way, sealing can help prevent the weathering process. Otherwise, teak can develop a silvery grey colour over time which many people are quite fond of as it gives the setting a more rustic appeal.

In general, wooden furnishings are considered high maintenance as they need to be regularly repainted and refinished, and are difficult to keep clean. However, teak is obviously unlike other woods and as such it requires the least amount of maintenance. Due to its thick structure and oil content, stains from food or spills are unable to penetrate within and are much easier to clean – you only need to wipe the surface with a damp cloth and some mild detergent. Teak furniture is hard to get scratched, however, if such an accident were to happen a bit of sanding can make your teak furniture look as if you just bought it.

Given the fact that teak has a luxurious look, it is extremely durable and needs only minimal care and effort – it makes sense that it comes with a somewhat high price tag. If you plan on making a long term investment, teak ticks all the boxes. For instance, if you own a cafe with a terrace or a restaurant with a patio – teak can last season after season and resist the occasional spills and food stains. In fact, commercial businesses are the ones that can benefit the most from it, provided that they purchase outdoor furniture wholesale, which means that they can get teak furnishings at lower prices than the average homeowner.