Popular Ways to Transform Your Outdoor Area: Make Your Yard the Place to Be

One of the many things this pandemic has taught us is the importance of a “well-groomed” outdoor area. Yes, a letterbox can upgrade your curb appeal but before you add the details you should look at the bigger picture and build the foundation of your outdoor area properly and nip some things in the bud

Call Professional Tree Services to the Rescue

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If you have a small cut or the common cold, you’ll handle it yourself. However, if you have a serious, prolonged cough or you almost chopped your finger off, you’ll probably go to the doctor. The same goes for trees and hiring professional tree care services and you can consider them as your yard’s family physician. Here’s what services tree companies provide:

  • Pruning
  • Powerline cleaning
  • Tree removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Maintenance of tree health

Top-notch tree experts offer a free assessment to determine what type of pruning your trees need. At times, both mature and young trees need to be pruned. Mature trees are pruned to remove dead and dying branches, hence, a tree’s shape and, more importantly, health and safety are maintained. Young trees, on the other hand, are pruned to gain a proper framework and one main stem, the foundation for future growth.

Furthermore, your tree needs pruning if large limbs are hanging over your house or a bit too low in your yard just where you were planning on having your family lunches. In addition to pruning, crown thinning and lifting is done to reduce a tree crown’s density, thus, not only increasing the exposure of your lawn to sunlight but also reducing the wind resistance and potential storm damage. In addition to thorough assessments and reports, trees services also provide disease and insect control and elm leaf beetle eradication.

When should you see an arborist? As soon as you notice signs of decay. These include dead limbs, cracks, cavities and splits as they could mean that the tree is falling. Also, rotten wood along a crumbly trunk and mushrooms growing at the base of the tree is a sign of decay and stress. Cankers or sunken bark are signs of disease and wounds. Soil lifted near a tree could mean a root problem. If you see a mound, or soil lifted near a tree it may be a sign the tree has root problems and could fall over. These are all signs of a dangerous tree and that it’s time for you to call arborists.

Why do we need tree removal services? Firstly, they’ll do the job properly and safely. Secondly, they’ll tidy up the mess and remove all material from your backyard. Thirdly, they’ll arrange transport. Last but not least, they’ll handle all the necessary tree removal paperwork. You might need development approval from the Tree Protection Unit at the Territory and Municipal Services (TAMS) before pruning or removing your trees.

Change Your Outdoor Furniture

You can’t achieve a makeover by using hand-me-downs or by taking out your parents’ old furniture. No matter how much they beg you to use it, don’t. You wouldn’t want to bring their vibes into your outdoor sanctuary. Head down to a salon or browse for outdoor furniture online instead. Thus, what is the best wood for outdoor furniture? Also, what type of metal is patio furniture made of?

Teak is synonymous with outdoor durability. Teak wood is moderately hard and heavy and has overall good machining properties. Most often it’s straight but it can also be wavy. Also, it seasons rapidly and dries well. It’s valued mostly for its natural durability and high dimensional stability in association with pleasant aesthetics.

The Handbook of Hardwoods describes teak as very durable. This is due to the many oils, gums, resins, tannins and other chemical compounds that give teak its natural strength. Furthermore, the teak oil in its composition serves not only as its mechanical defence but also as its immune system.

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Enrich your outdoor collection with ease by ordering your acacia wood outdoor furniture online as it deserves a spot due to its durability and water resistance. This makes it ideal for heavy-use items that are frequently in contact with liquids, like furniture pieces intended to withstand all seasons. Not only does it not scratch easily but it also has innate antibacterial and antifungal properties so it can stand up to moisture.

The deep, rich and warm brown Acacia looks mesmerising in all states, whether natural, polished or varnished.

Lounges are a favourite among the young and the old, for both quality alone time and entertaining, whether by the pool or on the patio. In addition to wood, heavy-duty powder-coated aluminium lounge and table frames can face the challenges a backyard imposes. Make sure you get UV-resistant hard-wearing cushion covers so next summer they look as mesmerising as they do now.

There are many options for acacia, teak, powder-coated aluminium or GRC cement dining sets with a sturdy design, suitable for all tastes and décor. Durable PP resin chairs with a smooth and polished modern design will suit a range of different tables in a range of different shapes, sizes and styles. What matters most though is a comfortable ergonomic design.

After the wining, dining and debating has finished, it’s time to move as close as you can to the pool and put your feet up in the air. Hanging chairs are ideal if you have limited space. Without compromising on style and durability, they make the perfect finishing touch to any outdoor space.

Choose a sun lounger or outdoor bean bags that can withstand the tests of time and UV light. Made from a powder-coated aluminium frame and olefin cushions this sun lounge will last the test of time. Made from UV-protected, water-resistant polyester, these beanbags are perfect for your pool, yard or patio area.

An Outdoor Storage Shed is a Must

No yard can ever be clutter-free without proper garden storage shed. But what makes a good quality shed? First and foremost, your garden shed should be made of a hard-wearing material adapted for outdoor use, something of the sorts of extra-long steel.

Steel is the go-to material for most outdoor constructions as it’s affordable, readily available, safer for both us and the environment while possessing the key criteria for improved outdoor and environmental performance like strength, versatility, durability and 100% recyclability.

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Colorbond steel was invented in the 19th century and was introduced to Australia in 1966. Being strong and lightweight, it has become one of the most attractive roofing options since. Colorbond is steel coated with zinc that is extremely durable and tightly blended into the steel base.

Naturally, it found its way into the outdoor storage sheds world due to its long lifespan, thermal efficacy, corrosion resistance, easy maintenance and wide range of colours. Buying an Australian made garden storage shed is not only patriotic but also smart as no one can be familiar with the conditions your shed will face as much as a native who has lived and worked in them can.

A skillion roof is convenient for garden sheds as it enables proper water drainage, making sure your lawnmower and your garden shears stay functional and rust-free. Some sheds even come with slide doors. Look for one with an easy locking system and pre-drilled holes for fast assembly.

Whether it’s to store your gardening tools or sporting equipment, there are roomy garden sheds that can store up to 3 adult bikes and additional storage while simultaneously being able to fit in not-so-roomy patio corners. A hatch roof and doors allow for easy access to your bike and easy maintenance.

Besides accommodating your backyard necessities and keeping anything practical that’s ruining the scenery out of the way but close at hand, a garden storage shed can be repurposed for many other things like a home office, home gym, guest room and even an outdoor kitchen.

Landscaping is the Cherry on Top

After you’ve put some sweat into it, it’s time for finesse. Naturally, the landscaping process is not completely isolated during your whole endeavour to transform your yard. Landscaping doesn’t only maintain the flora and fauna but also modifies all other natural elements like landforms, terrain shape and its elevation and, of course, water.

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Even if you consider yourself to be skilled and crafty, it’s best to consult with a professional, especially if it’s your first major project. After all, landscapers have trained for this moment and you’ll be able to learn being up close and personal to a pro.

No matter how skilled are the arborists you called, how durable are teak and Olefin fibres are and how resilient are the plants your landscaper chooses, if you don’t nurture the living and non-living beings that make up your micro-ecosystem and personal sanctuary everything will wither away along with your possibility of a personal backyard paradise.