The Most Popular Types of Handbags Every Woman Needs

When it comes to women and accessories, it goes without saying that handbags are a must-have. They are the one and only essential type of accessory that women can carry around with them without ever feeling that it’s a “burden”. Whether it is makeup, phone, wallet, keys, documents, a bottle of water or a smaller umbrella you need to take with you, a handbag can carry all of these things at once. Thus, it is understandable why women are so into them.

However, since there are so many types of handbags, sometimes, we women are making some unnecessary expenses by investing in bags we don’t need at all. Each season brings new and more appealing types of these accessories for women ranging in model, size, shape, colour and material, making it hard to resist them. In light of that, here’s a list of the most popular types of handbags.

Leather Tote

Regardless of whether you are a working business woman or not, owning a leather tote is a must. This minimal, elegant and sophisticated type of handbag is roomy enough to carry all of your belongings, even office related items like documents/papers, while still looking chic. Simply said, this type of bag is an all-time favourite accessory that can be worn both at work and when going to after-work drinks as well. In case you want to own just one, choose a colour that can suit your personality and favourite clothing colour in order to be able to match it with any outfit.

Small Crossbody

Whether you are a business casual or casual type of a woman, smaller crossbodies are another must-have accessories for women. They are ideal for days when you don’t have to carry too much stuff and you want your hands to be completely free. They are big enough to carry your wallet, cell-phone, lipstick and concealer (in case you need to retouch your makeup) which is exactly what you need.

Quilted Shoulder Bag

This is another classic bag and it one that can be worn both for casual and more formal occasions. Ranging in sizes, shapes, and handle lengths, you can easily find the one that appeals to you the most.

Woven Handbag

These type of bags have been popular since ever and they are the favourites among fashionistas. Generally speaking, woven handbags are considered spring/summer type of handbags because of their material and colour, so if you want to get one, summer is the right season to wear it.