Land Rover Throttle Controllers: The Popular Way to Increase Performance

A long-reigning champion when it comes to 4×4 performance, luxury, and convenience is the one and only Land Rover. The British brand has positioned its vehicles as being the ultimate 4×4 experience both on and off the road. This is why owning a Land Rover means you have a vehicle that has both style and performance on point. If off-roading is something you’ll do more frequently, then a Land Rover is going to be an excellent choice. Land Rovers are big vehicles that are also quite customisable, meaning you can find various 4×4 accessories quite easily.

While most of these accessories offer external protection since they are meant more for ensuring your vehicle is safe and sound while off-roading, there are some that can improve performance. For example, throttle controllers are excellent when it comes to further improve the performance of your Land Rover. There are other popular performance upgrades you can do on your vehicle but none of them is as convenient as throttle controllers.

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How Do Throttle Controllers Work?

Throttle controllers or modules rely on the same technology as the throttle body in your Land Rover. The fly-by-wire or drive-by-wire system is present on a Land Rover throttle controller too which uses electrical signals to send information to the accelerator pedal and back rather than through a mechanical wire.

Are Throttle Controllers Bad for Your Car?

You will hear people say that throttle controllers can be bad for your Land Rover. This is only true if you get an off-brand controller or one that is not compatible with your make or model. If you get the controller made for your Land Rover then you will reap its benefits.

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Benefits of Throttle Controllers


One of the most prominent changes you’ll notice when you install a throttle controller module in your Land Rover is going to be fuel consumption. With the help of the sophisticated system on a throttle controller, your Land Rover will be able to use as little fuel as possible without hindering performance thus, making it more efficient. This will also help you save some money in the long run.


Talking about performance, the already excellent performance of your Land Rover will be improved too. In fact, the performance of your Land Rover will be optimised in certain driving situations. For example, when going over a steep hill or trying to get out of a hole you will get improved acceleration, as you won’t experience any throttle lag. A throttle controller will give your Land Rover the extra push it needs in more demanding circumstances.

Installing a Throttle Controller on Your Land Rover

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  1. Installing a throttle controller on your Land Rover or any other vehicle, for that matter, is as easy as it gets. The first thing to do once you unbox the module is to turn off the engine and wait for about 10 minutes.
  2. After those 10 minutes have passed, take out the original sensor plug from the accelerator pedal and then put the adapter that came together with the module. Once the adapter is into the outlet, connect the original sensor plug to the adapter. You can also do this the other way around. Lastly, mount the module on your dashboard with some double-sided tape and set it up.

Setting Up a Throttle Controller on Your Land Rover

  1. To set up your Land Rover throttle controller module start by turning your key to the run position without starting the engine. Simply push and hold the start button for a couple of seconds without touching the brake pedal.
  2. Then, press and hold the knob or button of your module and let it count down from 3 to 0. Once the 0 appears let go of the button/knob. After that, the display will show you the letter “L”.
  3. This is when you’ll set the low voltage on the module by pressing the button or turning the knob. Do not push the gas pedal. The display will show “SET’ and then “H” which is the high voltage value.
  4. When the high voltage value is displayed, you need to push the accelerator pedal all the way down and hold it there. With the H on the display, you should press the button to set it correctly. You should still be pushing down on the accelerator pedal until you see the display shows “100”.
  5. This is when you should release the accelerator pedal and then turn off the ignition. Take your key out if your Land Rover doesn’t have a keyless start and you’ll have your module set up and all ready to go.
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Throttle controllers are excellent performance-related upgrades for every vehicle, even one as powerful as a Land Rover. If you know how to find the right one and implemented it the right way you will reap its benefits for a long time. The best thing about throttle controllers is that they are easy to install, remove and use