The Most Popular Performance Upgrades for Your Car

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In order for any vehicle to function properly, it needs to have all of its components in proper working condition. After all, it’s one big unit made up of many delicate, intricate parts, all of which play a role in its performance, and if one part breaks down, you should try to replace it as soon as possible to prevent other parts from getting damaged as well. But some parts play a bigger role in how your vehicle performs than others. The main component is the engine, which is also made up of many other, smaller parts.

The interior of your vehicle can also affect vehicle performance if you don’t treat it right. Furthermore, the brakes can also affect overall vehicle performance, as well as the electronics inside the vehicle that control everything. There are quite a few car performance parts that can make or break how your vehicle handles and drives, and fortunately, you can replace most of them should you find the need to.

What Upgrades Should I Do to My Car?

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While not as common as some other performance upgrades, the suspension still plays an important role when it comes to vehicle performance. Getting a suspension upgrade won’t just help make handling your vehicle a lot easier, but can also enhance its looks. Car performance upgrades don’t always add more HP to the engine and this and the next upgrade I’ll talk about are a testament to that.


The only contact your vehicle has with the road is through the tyres. They help transfer the kinetic energy produced by the engine into motion. And in order for that energy to be used properly, the tyres need to be in good condition. Tyre wear can lead to a loss in performance which is why getting new tyres can almost feel like getting a new car. Whilst we’re at the tyres, we might as well discuss the rims too, as they play a big part in vehicle aerodynamics. New rims can contribute to better traction, resulting in better handling. Whatever you do, for the love of God do not get all-season tyres. They are not your friend when you want to make your vehicle perform better.


One of the more popular car performance upgrades are custom exhaust upgrades. A new exhaust will not only add some HP to your engine, but it will also improve fuel efficiency. You have many options to choose from, some of which even make your vehicle look and sound different depending on the type of exhaust upgrade you go for. A new exhaust upgrade will let exhaust fumes and gasses escape the engine a lot easier and thus, it won’t get suffocated by its own emissions. This makes the engine cool down a lot faster and run faster too, making it more efficient.


Although brakes are there to stop your vehicle from moving or slow it down they can also contribute to a better performing vehicle. While your vehicle can technically slow down by letting go of the accelerator pedal or by downshifting, there are many occasions where you’d be much better off pressing the brakes to do so. High-performance cars need high-quality brakes and the best brakes come with ceramic brake pads. These will cost you a lot more than any other brake pad but they will ensure your car stops as soon as you want it to stop without affecting the life of nearby components.

ECU Tuning

ECU tuning is one of the most cost-efficient ways to improve the performance of your engine. The engine control unit is what controls the engine and tuning that component can save you a lot of fuel and make the engine run far better than when it came out of the dealership. ECU tuning usually gives you a balance between durability, performance, efficiency and driveability. 

Sway Bars

If you want to improve your already new suspension, you can consider replacing the sway bars of your vehicle. The majority of vehicles have sway bars that are set so that you can drive safely. There’s a certain limit to that which doesn’t let you get the most out of your car. With aftermarket sway bars, you get performance auto parts that can improve how fast you can go and how fast you can turn. These types of sway bars usually lower the ground clearance of your vehicle, which not only improves handling but it also makes your vehicle more aerodynamic, contributing to better fuel economy.

Does a Car Service Improve Performance?

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Although a simple car service can seem like it has no effect on vehicle performance, it is actually one of the best ways to improve performance. This is because issues are discovered during it and thus, you prevent your vehicle from even experiencing any performance issues in the first place.