Popular Educational Ways to Keep Kids Entertained at Home

The year of 2020 was tough, to put it mildly, and though it has been difficult for all of us as we’ve never found ourselves in lockdowns before, it was particularly hard for our children (especially toddlers!) who struggled to understand why they had to stay at home for some time. Being away from their favourite outdoor activities and away from their friends meant that as parents we got an extra challenge to parenthood we had to overcome.

But once you find the right strategy and the means to carry it out, it gets interesting both for you and the kids. If you’re in need of some ideas and solutions, I’m going to share with you some of the strategies I’ve used this year that helped my kids stay entertained and open to learning.

toddler guitar

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Fun with Music

I think of my life as a movie that’s got the perfect soundtrack for every moment, be it happy or sad – it’s something I can turn to as a constant. Since I’ve had love of music my whole life, it’s only natural I’ve wanted this for my kids too, but instead of just letting them be passive about it through listening, like me, I decided to get them closer by introducing a unique and well-designed toddler guitar in their day-to-day activities.

While guitars are thought of as a rather difficult choice when it comes to entering the world of music and developing musical skills, this kind of guitar is created specifically for the little hands and fingers of toddlers, with three instead of six strings. This itself allows them to get a better hold of it and the strings, and even gives them a better chance at learning more about the chords and rhythms.

Besides providing them with the hobby for life, guitars, and instruments in general, are helpful with a child’s memorising and focus, as well as with solving issues which in turn become useful for school too. In other words, playing kids guitars, or any instruments for that matter, comes in handy with the development of a child’s brain and the earlier they start with it the better.

At the end of the day, you can be happy about getting concerts held just for you – seeing them all satisfied with self-confidence growing when learning some new chord or a bit of a song means the world. The best of it all is you don’t have to be skilled at music yourself or pay music lessons to benefit from investing in this kind of instrument now that there are specialised apps that have all the needed info to introduce your child in the world of music.


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Fun with Greenery

Gardening is another hobby that could serve them for the rest of their lives. And now that sustainability is becoming so trendy, mainly because of people’s growing eco-awareness, it’s the perfect time to consider a change in the daily habits and become more sustainable. Growing your own produce is a great starting point, and it’s certainly useful for children as it teaches them how to eat healthier.

Kids nowadays are taught to be too dependent on the supermarkets, and some even don’t know how fruits and veggies end up on the shelves in the first place. I guarantee you, your kids will have lots of fun helping you around the garden and learning about science and patience when they plant and wait for their effort to pay off.

Besides, gardening is a popular method of staying healthy both for adults and kids. For kids, in particular, being in touch with the soil and its good bacteria is at the benefit of their immune system, and the variety of plant shapes and colours have their positive effect on their sensory development. Once they’re older, you can teach them how to be more responsible by keeping a gardening journal and show them how and why it’s important to tend to the plants’ needs.

Don’t worry if you live in an apartment with a balcony or a house that doesn’t have enough yard, you can take to urban gardening and make the most of it by choosing the seeds that would give you quality ingredients on your plate. You can also ease your chores (well, watering at least!) by growing vegetables in stylish self-watering containers – think of them as the means like toddler guitar for music.


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Fun with Different Cultures

Let’s face it, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, travelling has become challenging this year, but that’s no reason to give up on introducing kids to different cultures and showing them more of the world they’re part of. You can foster their curiosity by reading various books, there are many that celebrate diversity, and you can choose to read different stories every night from the various cultures to keep them interested, instead of focusing on the one for more than a day. You could later come up with memory games to see how much they’ve learned.

Food is another way to do so. If it’s not possible to go to restaurants and show them foods from all over the world, then see if you can order them for your home so every day can be a surprise for them. Need I say this is also a great way to handle picky and fussy eaters? Trust me, it works!