How to Pretty Up Your Dining Room and Make it The Most Popular Spot in the House

Each room in your home serves a special purpose and is usually made to accommodate the needs of that room’s unique requirements. Dining rooms are focal points in our homes, places where there are delicious meals, family and friends gather over conversations, as well as places where sometimes kids write homeworks. Therefore, they deserve special attention when it comes to making them look inviting, homey and functional. Perhaps you’ve decided to freshen up the look of your dining room by implementing some changes.

The truth is there are many ways you can do so, as all you need is to do is become more imaginative and creative. Having a clear picture in your mind of what you like to achieve will always lead you on the right path of accomplishing your goal. To give you some direction, I’ve made a list comprised of simple ways that can help you update the old and worn look of your dining room and give it the shine, and fresh feeling it deserves.

How to Freshen Up the Look of My Dining Room?

Dining room chairs with dark green color

Invest in a New set of Dining Chairs

When it comes to choosing the popular elements of modern living rooms dining chairs come among the first on the list. They make a significant impact on our dining room aesthetics as well as on the practicality and comfort they bring to our everyday life. Of course, they need to be a good match to the dining table you already have, unless you plan to change it as well.

Also, make sure the style of chairs you choose is a great fit for the desired atmosphere and particular style of the other elements in your room. For instance, if you are looking to add classic European style you should look for and buy dining room chairs that combine soft lines of traditional bentwood that exhibit the timeless shape and appeal of European furniture.

Whatever design you choose make sure it accommodates some crucial features that are important. For instance, when you buy dining room chairs look for ergonomic designs that feature a gently rounded back that follows the natural curve of your spine. Also, plush paddings and cushions around the back can provide extra comfort and better support. Lastly, keep in mind the number of seats you need. Most often people buy either four or six chairs to accommodate the design of their dining table dimensions and space requirements.

Consider Updating the Look of Your Old Dining Table or Buy a Brand New One

dining room table

Now that you’re done choosing the right style and number of dining chairs, you may consider refreshing the look of another important element in your room, and this is the dining table. These two are inextricably bound, therefore make sure the style of chair you choose is compatible with the design of the table you have or plan to buy.

The dining table plays an important role in every household. It presents a centerpiece furniture that unites the whole family together. Therefore selecting this popular home element requires carefully considering some important factors. For instance, you can decide whether you want to update the look of your old table by including some simple changes such as applying a new finish, or you can go out and buy a brand new dining table.

If your table is in good condition you may decide to repaint it in a new arresting colour that will drastically change the look of your room. These can make a great makeover to the old table. In other cases, you may be in the mood to splurge on a new one. In this case, make sure you choose a design that fits the other decor elements in your room, from the stylish dining room chairs to the glass display cabinet. In general, oval and rectangular shapes are the most common shapes.

In comparison to the rectangular one that can accommodate a larger amount of people, the oval one is suitable for small spaces and for small dining rooms. When it comes to finishes, glossy white tables are great for brightening up tiny living rooms, besides they’re also minimalistic and provide an airy feeling and cleanliness to any home. Compared to them, wooden ones are more traditional and bring a feeling of cosiness, warmth, and timeless appeal to the dining room.

Add a New Light Fixture

dining room light fixtures

In addition to changing your dining table, you may need to consider adding a new light fixture as well. Besides, illuminating our homes properly can make a great impact on how we feel inside them. The best choice is to provide general lighting in addition to accent lighting.

There are literally thousands of designs you can choose from, including chandeliers, multi pendant hanging lights, or those featuring simple geometric forms and colours for a neutral look. Contemporary rope chandeliers have now become fashionable as they perfectly combine the modern and traditional styles into one unique design. Rattan pendant fixtures make a great fit for beach-inspired dining room designs. They are a great way to bring a touch of the outdoors inside or you can simply choose them because you love the leisure boho look.

People who enjoy classy and rustic lighting can include these lamps in their homes. Now the next obvious question may be how do I match a chandelier to a dining room table? Besides looking for similarities in designs you should also consider the size of the table you’ve already chosen. Usually, the best way to do it is to choose a size that represents one-third the width of the table. Oval or rectangular tables may need a slightly wider lighting fixture, also more spacious rooms may require light fixtures that can illuminate bigger sized rooms, so you should pick light bulbs with bigger lumens or wattage output.

Make Sure you Add the Right Accessories

white chairs

Although we can’t deny that changing some of the major elements in your room can make a great impact on how the room feels, adding the right accessories or changing certain details have their own ways to give your room a soul and personal character. By including some personal items and details in your home you can make it instantly more appealing. You can start thinking about what things your room lacks.

Perhaps your walls look empty so you may decide to include playful floating shelves where you can place decorative items and souvenirs you cherish. To add a character to your dining table you can embellish it with a simple tablecloth runner. You can choose one made from natural material and subtle shade that will suit and calm the whole room or add bold colour with a unique pattern that will lift up the spirit of the whole room.