Popular Long Reach Excavator Models From Volvo

Volvo Construction Equipment is one of the leading manufacturers on the market for high reach excavators, also known as long reach excavators. Over the years, the long reach excavator models from Volvo have been used for various applications, but most commonly for demolition works. Volvo CE has three long reach excavator models in its current product range: EC380DHR, EC480DHR and EC700CHR. These three Volvo long reach excavators are used for demolition work on any surface type. 


When a reliable solution is needed for a tough demolition work, every long reach excavator from Volvo will do the job perfectly. These excavators are designed with long booms from 21 to 32 meters and lifting capacity from 44 to 89 tonnes. Volvo’s long reach excavators have greater hydraulic pressure and significantly better hydraulic flow, which increases the productivity.

When equipped with additional demolition attachments, the long reach excavator from Volvo is capable to bring down the toughest and tallest buildings. Each model can be used for specific demolition needs at heights ranging from 21 to 32 meters. Either a standard boom and arm configuration or a high-reach configuration, the long reach excavator models from Volvo can be used for a variety of applications. Switching from a basic boom-arm configuration to a high-reach configuration, or vice versa, is easy and quick.

Volvo’s EC380DHR, EC480DHR and EC700CHR are faster, better and stronger than any previous models. Equipped with the remarkable and well-known Volvo D13 engine, they provide lower fuel emissions, increased engine torque and horsepower. For increased reliability, they are equipped with hydraulic quick couplers. And since their main use is for demolition, they all have rugged demolition guarding features: Frame-mounted Failing Object guard (FOG), double-thickness side doors, side impact protection system, boom and bucket cylinder guards.

Maximum operator protection is another thing that makes the long reach excavator from Volvo to be a number one choice for many in Australia. The long reach excavator models from Volvo create comfortable working environment for the operators, even in long-hour shifts. For improved visibility and more convenient operation, these three models come with front-view camera, mounted on the boom. By choosing one of the three long reach excavator models from Volvo, you can expect powerful performance, increased productivity and minimized downtime.