The Dining Room Table Fable: Selecting This Popular Home Element

Most of the activity in a home happens around the dining table: eating, working, doing homework, chatting with friends. If there’s one piece of furniture that knows you best – it’s the dining table. So, when it comes to buying one, you’re likely to treat it as a big deal. You want something that will fit the whole family, be comfortable and functional, complement your interior beautifully and stay with you for a long time.

Since there are so many expectations a dining table should meet, shopping for one can be an overwhelming process. To navigate with ease through the various designer tables Australia stores offer, here’s what you need to consider.

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Select a Table Made from Quality Materials

Since the dining table is one of the most frequently used elements in your home, you want to make sure that you choose a quality one from the start. This means looking for a table that will be almost impervious up to years of wear and tear, spills and heat, and potential paw scratches. With that being said, your best bet is to look for one made of a sturdy hardwood such as walnut, maple, oak, mahogany or teak. Tables made of plywood and MDF might be beautiful and economical, but they aren’t as durable.

However, if you want a glass design, go for it. Today’s glass tables are made with tempered safety glass which can resist scratches and heat and doesn’t shatter if knocked down. And the fact that they are see-through and reflective means that glass tables also are a great choice if you want to make your space appear bigger, lighter and airier. If you have the budget, you can go for a marble table which is also a durable option. However, marble comes with tiny pores where stains can settle in, making them very hard to remove.

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Settle on a Shape

The shape of the table should directly be influenced by the size and shape of your dining room. For instance, if you have a square and compact dining zone, a round table is the most optimal choice, allowing you to seat more people. It’s also easier to sit down and get up from a round table. On the other hand, a rectangular table offers limited seating spots and is more suitable for long and narrow rooms. You can also find modular designer tables Australia wide that can be rearranged according to your needs.

Consider Colour

Colour in design is a tricky subject. This year’s trendy colour is automatically out the next. While you can get away with an ottoman in a particular trendy colour, when it comes to choosing more important furnishings such as the dining table, be careful. Neutral colours such as white, brown and black have a staying colour because they go with a variety of styles and hues. But if you want to go bold, other colours that are somewhat safe are the primaries (red, yellow and blue). Red in particular is a popular colour for dining tables due to being traditionally associated with celebration. It can work well in a home with a subtle Asian theme as well as in a minimalist and modern setting.