Home Bar: A Popular Addition to Modern Homes

Modern homes are all about incorporating details that please those who live in them. When it comes to creating a complete modern house that is perfect in every sense, the implementation of home offices, game rooms and smart media rooms seems to be a must. One other addition that’s gaining momentum is a home bar. For people who love entertaining in their homes, this element is a top priority.

Just like any other project, a home bar requires proper planning. The first step in the planning process is determining the purpose of the space. This will help you decide on the layout, design and even the home bar furniture you will need to complete the project. Obviously, the main purpose of a home bar is to entertain, but aside from that, is there any other activity that you plan to use this element for? For example, will the bar be used solely for preparing and serving drinks, or do you need it for preparing light snacks too? How big do you want it to be? How much storage do you need? Is there any specific appliance that must be included in your layout? Answering these questions will help you create a home bar design that is the perfect fit for you and your family.

Draw a simple layout plan based on how you would like your home bar to look like. Look for design inspirations on the internet or from magazines to get inspired about its details, the furniture pieces and the colour palette you want to use. The shape of your home bar needs to be part of the layout and your furniture choice will depend on how much available space you have. The great news is, today you can find various home bar furniture pieces that suit all tastes and spaces. Your home bar can be a single line, L-shaped, a bar counter, and it can also have different zones, such as a serving surface, a seating area and storage.

The serving surface is often the work counter or the raised ledge above it, and it is the spot where your guests will be enjoying their drinks. The seating area generally consists of at least two to four bar stools. Bar stools are a popular choice for a good reason – they take up less space than other types of seating. You can choose bar stools that match your countertop or bar table or mix and match them for a casual and personalized feel. Though these pieces have a standard height of 75 centimetres from floor to seat, you can also opt for adjustable height bar stools that can be used in different spaces and for different purposes. From backless bar stools to stools with backs, stationary and swivel options, you have plenty of choices.

You will need two types of storage: cold and dry storage. Cold storage includes bar refrigerators and wine chillers, while dry storage involves shelves, cabinets and drawers which are used to store glassware, bottled drinks, utensils, snacks, etc. There is a range of bar storage options that don’t require a lot of space, such as wine racks. This storage system can be placed close to your bar table, serving as a decorative element and a spot to keep your extra bottles of wine at the same time. For a slightly bigger space, consider a cabinet. Look for options that include plenty of built-in storage, such as utility drawers and door storage where you can keep your drinks, glassware and more.

The material and finish choice will play a great hole in the overall look of your home bar. For a classic feel use wood. If you like the modern style, go with a more sleek and glossy surface. The colour palette of your bar shouldn’t differ too much from the existing one in your home. If neutrals are the main shades in your interior design, stick with monochromatic tones so that your home decor doesn’t look out of place.

Home Bar Ideas
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When it comes to location, there are different areas in the house where you can place this element. Home bars are often found near the kitchen. They can be placed in a recreation area, a game room, a den or a garage. In some homes, bars are placed between the living room and the kitchen, acting as a divider for that space. Before you set out to buy home bar furniture, evaluate the existing site conditions – is there water and electrical supply? These two factors are critical for drink preparation and for running appliances such as refrigerators and wine chillers.

And last but not least, personalize your home bar! Express your style with useful decor pieces, like trays and other tabletop decorations. Cute containers, jars or antique bowls make great storage options for cocktail ice, olives, lemons and trinkets. You can also hang fun wall decor, such as paintings with wine bottles or funny sayings next to your bar to help set the tone for many entertaining and unforgettable nights.