The Most Popular Bar Stools For Sale in Australia

Choosing the right bar stools for your home may not be as easy as it sounds. As with anything else we want to buy for our homes, there are certain questions that immediately arise: Do you need counter or bar height? Do you want them to swivel or stationary? What about arms? Or you just want to own the most popular one? Once you decide on these details, finding the right bar stools for sale in Australia will be much easier for you, since the really is a plethora of different options.

bar stools for sale

Picking bar stool style comes down to what type of atmosphere you want to create: whisky bar, oxygen bar, tiki bar or a wine bar. For instance, whisky bars call for traditional style while oxygen is the most modern one and everything else will probably fall something in between.

Once you have chosen the style you have to consider what kind of features will work best for your space. Bar stools with arms add comfort but also they take up more space. Backless bar stools are streamlined space savers, but they may not be suitable if you are trying to create more relaxing bar experience. After you have finished choosing your style, now is the time to measure the height and length of your bar. Choose the appropriate height by going 30cm lower than the bar height. Now that you know the basics, here are the most popular bar stools for sale in Australia:

Ghost Stool Replica

These modern barstools feature that old fashioned feeling redolent of the Victorian era. They are built with high quality materials, designed for both indoors and outdoors! They add style to your bar, creating the futuristic atmosphere of Ten Forward.

The Cherner Stool

These classic bar stools from the 50’s are among the favourite choices of architects designing pubs that give you that mid-century feeling.

Vida Swivel Bar Stool

Beautiful bar stool, perfect for living and dining areas. Comes in different colours that will suit your bar, table or backyard table. Made with fine steel and covered with synthetic leather, this bar stool will bring modern and aesthetic feeling to any room.

Mistea Button Swivel Bar Stool

Joining classic sophistication and 21st century aesthetics, Mistea Bar Stool will upgrade the look of your bar, give you elegance in your living room or dining space! It is made from solid steel, covered with synthetic leather seat, features easily adjustable mechanism that gives you the option to create the most suitable position while sitting.

Martini High Back Swivel Bar Stool

made from solid steel, this one-of-a-kind bar stool chair is perfect for those bachelor apartments, adding to the charisma and seduction factor. Equipped with gas-lift mechanism, this chair will become one of the most functional items in your apartment or house.


At the end, everything depends on your personal taste and how much money will are willing to spend on bar stools. Various designs, colours can affect the atmosphere in the room therefore take your time, consult with architects and do your best to match your imagination.