Family Fun: 7 Kids’ Toys to Bring for a Day Trip on the Beach

Did you know that playing on the beach is helpful for children’s development in addition to being a great deal of fun for the entire family? According to child psychologists, walking barefoot in the sand helps build balance and coordination, digging a hole helps develop strength and endurance, and playing with water and sand gives a whole different sensory experience than a child’s typical play. The golden sand and shimmering sea provide a great backdrop for children to explore and enjoy their outdoor activities.

Inflatable Water Accessories

Happy emotional girl in a swimsuit with an inflatable circle in the shape of a donut children's beach accessories summer


Other than the food, water and sunscreen, every family beach trip should include a set of essential beach toys for kids to maximise summertime fun. If your family has multiple children you’re going to have to make sure everyone has their own safety gadget to hold on to while in the water. These inflatable gadgets are so much fun but also a huge help in the learning process of swimming and just how to stay safe in the water when waves are approaching.

To start with, you can get an inflatable raft that all the kids can share. These dimensions offer enough space for everyone to have a go and keep them safe from current, while they build up strength and coordination. Inflatable rings are also great, as kids love to hold on to them while in the water, with minimal effort. Your kids will love the feeling of floating effortlessly around in the water and you don’t have to worry about them getting too far out.

The more adventurous souls could definitely make good use of mask goggles, snorkels and fins. This way they can explore the depths of the ocean and feel like a mini-diver while still being in a relatively shallow and safe area. And what’s more, they can bring back some amazing findings like sea shells, starfish and other exotic creatures that aren’t so common in the city.

Finally, nothing beats a game of beach volleyball – with ultra-light and waterproof balls, everyone can join in the fun. Use a simple rope to mark the court and a dedicated beach ball to kick-start the tournament. It’s a terrific opportunity to get everyone playing together and having fun while getting some exercise in the sun.

Sand Baking Play Set

girl on the beach playing with beach toys for kids


After getting your swimming done, the next thing you need to whip out of the beach bag is an adorable sand baking kit that will encourage your little sweetheart to create delicious goodies. It’s a lot of fun to use the shell-shaped measuring cups to determine the exact amount of ingredients, and then to combine them with the marine creature-shaped mixing implements.

Frisbee or Flying Disk

Father and daughter playing frisbee at beach


If you need to entertain youngsters older than five, you may choose to play frisbee. On the beach or in the water, the frisbee can be thrown. It can be purchased practically anywhere and is a portable, lightweight toy that can be brought anywhere you go. While frisbee is a basic game, it is a delightful pastime at the beach. And if you don’t like it, there’s a fun alternative: flying discs, which are engaging beach toys for kids and adults alike.

Sandcastle Building Bucket Toy Set

It has never been simpler to construct a sandcastle than with the aid of these legendary moulds. The modest castles featured in this set will have your youngsters playing knights of the uprising in no time. This collection includes four castle moulds that may be used separately or collectively to make a monstrous castle. Nevertheless, dragons are not included.


Jazzminton on the beach


Amuse young adolescents at the beach with Jazzminton, a fun, portable paddle game that does not require a net! This one-of-a-kind sport is a combination of badminton, ping-pong, tennis, and paddle ball. This inexpensive game includes two paddles with comfortable foam handles and four birds, of which two are red for slow play and two are yellow for quicker play.

The feathers adhere to the birds with an adhesive that is water resistant, making them suitable for usage near water. The objective of the game is to keep the birds in the air as long as possible by batting them back and forth. You’ll be shocked at how challenging it may be, despite its seeming simplicity.

Water Blaster Soaker Gun

kids at the beach with Water Blaster Soaker Guns


A day at the beach is not complete without the opportunity to hurl water at one another. The Water Blaster Soaker Gun is the ideal toy for splashing family members without the use of water guns. These lightweight water soakers may be used by toddlers as early as two years old. The entire family will enjoy these water blasters, which have a range of nearly 10 metres.

Beach Camp Tent

Beach Camp Tent


Do you want to spend the entire day by the lake or the sea? First, you will require a place to eat and relax, such as the inside of a sunshade tent for the beach. These models should also be used with a waterproof rug to prevent sand moisture from entering.

Aside from sunshade tents for the beach, there are many other items a camper should consider while organising a vacation, such as bringing enough bottles of fresh drinking water and a selection of foods that can be readily transformed into meals and snacks for everyone. Give each of your children a role in setting up the camp and include them in your food-prep activities, this way not only they will be entertained but productive too!