Camping: Join in On the Popular Outdoor Adventure

Though camping certainly isn’t a new thing, it’s continuously growing in popularity. People are attracted to the idea of staying in the great outdoors, leaving stress and the busyness of city life behind, just spending time bonding with family and loved ones surrounded by nature. Considering our nation was founded by people who led camping lifestyles, it’s also the perfect opportunity to turn back to our roots and experience what our ancestors were experiencing on a daily basis, with more commodity however. At first glance it might seem like too easy of a trip to prepare for, it’s actually how preparation is done that guarantees a fun and relaxing experience. Mind you, this article is about the type of camping you get to do with a campervan or a camping trailer and not backpacking.


Considering it’s already summer, the camping season has begun, but for those who haven’t had the chance to take to the road yet, a proper check up is the inevitable step to make prior to the trip. First things first, brakes and tyres are the important bits of your home on wheels concerning safety so this kind of check up has to become an essential part of every trip preparation so make sure you check the tyre pressure and the function of the brakes. Another essential bit of safety is getting the adequate insurance for your vehicle, and not just rely on levelling jacks and air brakes for wheels but equip yourself with double wheel chocks and secure them even better.

Great thing about double wheel chocks made from tough polypropylene plastic is they have superior strength and solid base perfect for handling all the weight without even sinking in soft ground. Next, you have to think of water and electricity since you’d be away from civilisation unless you’ve got everything you need provided by the campsite you intend to stay at. A waste tank, water hose and a sewer hose should be part of your accessories, not to mention the right generator and solar panel – just because you’re away from the city hustle and bustle doesn’t mean you have to be away from civilisation too, that’s how glamping came about, the combination of glamour and camping.

Now, speaking of food, it’s advisable to think of your menu beforehand and plan every meal during your stay, get the needed groceries, buy the required frying pan and pile up on the frozen vegetables that are also perfect as an ice replacement. Once you’re done with your one of a kind fun on the road experience, remember to do thorough cleaning of the vehicle so that it’s kept in perfect order and is ready for the next trip whenever a chance arises.