Camping by the Beach – Join This Popular Trend Well Prepared

Beach Camping

Although summer is gone, there are still many reasons to go to the beach, and camping is one of them. While camping in the woods is always a fun experience, camping on the beach can be a little more relaxing, considering you don’t have to deal with pesky insects. But camping on the beach also requires preparation.

First off, you’re going to need a place where you can sleep, eat and relax, such as a tent or a swag. Bringing sun shade tents for the beach is suggested for this purpose due to their size and fabrics that block UV rays (sunrays). This way, you’ll ensure you have a place where you can read and relax all while being protected form the sun. These tents should also be used with a waterproof rug to stop moisture from the sand getting into the tent.

Aside from sun shade tents for the beach there are many other things a camper should keep in mind when planning a trip such as packing enough bottles with fresh drinking water and taking a variety of products that can be easily turned into meals on the campsite and some snacks. It is also advised to bring along a decent knife or hatchet that is sturdy enough to chop wood with.

You should also consider that it might get windy while out there and a good way to counteract this is to dig a small hole in order to be able to build a roaring campfire. You also need to make sure you know how to make one, or at least ensure that someone from the gang has done it before. While on the topic of fire, before leaving, do not forget to adhere to the camping rules and put the fire out with buckets of water making sure it’s snuffed out before you burry it so that other campers don’t accidentally step on it while it is still hot.

Though the aforementioned option of finding a lonely place for your gang, or you and your partner only is great, there is another one you might like. I’m referring to organized campsites. These are beaches that have conveniences like running water and toilets which can remove some of the hassle that comes with camping. If you’re going to camp on a beach that’s not an organised capmsite, it’s a good advice to check on which beaches it is allowed to do so.

Lastly, remember that setting up your camp in an area where the tide rises can ruin your entire trip so setting it up somewhere above the beach is always the better option. Lastly, you could get to the campsite with a regular car, but you would have to leave it behind as to avoid driving through sand, so it is recommended to use 4x4s when available.