Ecco Footwear: Some of the Most Popular & Comfortable Shoes

It doesn’t matter if you’re out on the road, doing errands, taking a nice walk, or exploring new places, having comfortable footwear is a must. Having the wrong pair of shoes can put you in the wrong mood, ruin your experience and even lead to some foot problems. That being said, choosing a pair of shoes shouldn’t be taken lightly.

And after going through many situations of trial and error, I can certainly say I’ve found my favourite: the ultra stylish and practical Ecco brand shoes. Ecco has become a name synonymous with comfort ever since their beginnings back in 1963. And considering their stylish modern range, Ecco’s focus on aesthetics isn’t to be underestimated either.

ecco shoes

Ecco is a brand known for its Scandinavian approach which involves the use of innovative technology in combination with outstanding craftsmanship and top-notch materials like leather. On the market, you can find a vast array of models – all of them created to alleviate foot fatigue and reduce the risks of foot problems.

As their philosophy is that of supporting proper foot function, they create shoes that guarantee a great fit. This is what I particularly love about them, along with the perfect inner climate that prevents the appearance of issues such as blisters and fungal infections.

Add to this the features such as ultra-lightweight PU sole for shock absorption, flexible forefoot, innersole for support, and heel cushioning, and you’ve got the shoes that can make you feel like walking on clouds. And don’t even get me started on the versatility of Ecco shoes!

From boots and sandals, to dress shoes and sneakers, they really have all of your footwear needs covered. Though I like many of their designs, the following are some of those I prefer the most, that also happen to be among the most popular from the brand.

The Leather Ecco Flash Sandals

If you’re like me and love going on long walks both at home and abroad while looking your best, this is certainly a great option. What I love about my pair of these sandals is the fact they’re super comfy thanks to the soft and breathable leather straps, along with the leather-covered footbed and sole.

ecco leather sandals

Some would call it a casual type of sandal, but I’ve already worn it with fancier outfits too and it’s worked out wonderfully. Though I chose my Ecco sandals in white, you’ve also got other colour options to combine with your looks. Need I say they go well with various accessories too, like some of the most popular types of handbags?

The Ecco Damara Sandals

If you’re looking for the comfort of sneakers in the form of sandals, this is the perfect choice. In case you require something lightweight yet sturdy and supportive enough for prolonged walking or standing, this type of Ecco brand shoes. The Damara sandals are shock-absorbing, so they protect the joints as well as the vertebrae.

ecco damara sandles

With the hardwearing PU outsole created with Ecco Fluidform Technology, you’ve also got maximum flexibility. And my favourite part, the memory foam insole offers you maximum comfort as it contours to the foot’s natural curve. Made to be a great match for any summer look, they go well with trousers, just as much as they do with skirts and dresses, so you won’t be out of options when it comes to outfits you can wear them with.

The Ecco Soft Sneakers

If you want to wrap your feet in comfort, buy Ecco shoes of the Soft range. With a traditional lace-up design, they’re the perfect pick for various clothing pieces, not just when you want to conquer the streets with casual looks but smart casual too for office success.

ecco soft shoes

There are various things I like about them: the anatomical shape for a comfortable fit, the orthotic friendly insole, the foam cushioning layer which increases the air flow inside, and the firm heel that supports both the heel and ankle.

The Ecco Flats

There are times when I want the sneaker comfort, yet I don’t want sneakers or sandals, so I go for flats. This type of Ecco provides a minimalist vibe for the outfits, so you can wear them with just about anything your heart desires. Yes, I recommend them even when you’re getting ready for a night out with your soulmate or friends!

The soft and flexible textile upper with the leather heel detailing are ideal for walks, and thanks to the GORE-TEX technology they will keep your feet dry even when the walks are during wet days of autumn and winter. With ankle loops, they’re easy to put on and take off, which is why they’re also a great choice for women with diabetes and bunions.

Furthermore, women with plantar fasciitis could also benefit from them so I would say they’re the ideal investment for your health and looks. Since they’re compact, I must add I like them because of how easy they make it to pack them too – just what I need to stay stylish on the go!