The Most Popular Australian Rose Wine

Rose wines are versatile wines that go well with any food. Whether you call it rose, rosado or rosato, it is the most refreshing wine to drink during the hot summer days. The color can vary from a subtle and soft to a hot pink, depending on the grape variety used for making the wine. The majority of rose wines are made from red grapes, and their varietals are often used for making Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, etc. Rose wines are sweet, bone dry or off dry and have lighter body and delicate flavors. They are perfect when paired with a roast beef or chicken, fruits, egg or potato salad, various dips and chips, etc. Rose wines are ideal for backyard barbecues, hot dogs and even French fries. Here are some of the most popular Australian rose wine you can find on the market.


T’Gallant Holystone Rose – This Australian rose wine is the mix of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir that give the wine its beautiful pink color. It features great aromatic notes of ripe strawberry and peach. The rich flavors of ripe fruits and a slight hint of sweetness make the T’Gallant Holystone Rose one very popular Australian rose wine. The tropical fruits, the soft acidity and strawberry aftertaste make this wine a perfect choice for hot summer days.

Tin Shed All Day Rose – This wine combines all the best grape varietals from the Mourvedre, Shiraz, Crenache, and Sangiovese. This Australian rose wine is filled with toffee apple aromas, violets and raspberry that deliver a refreshing taste that is rich and dry. This wine is labeled ‘All Day Rose’ because it can be consumed any time, day or night, whether for lunch or dinner and even for breakfast.

Charles Melton Rose – This Australian rose wine offers off dry sweetness and texture with fruity aromas. With notes of raspberry, guava fruit and pomegranate, this Australian rose wine has plenty of cassis, berries and cherry fruits, creamy notes and loads of aroma. The texture is fresh and supple and is perfectly balanced.

Luna Rosa Rosado – The word Rosado of this Australian rose wine actually means Rose. It is off dry and light-bodied, with notes of cherries, cinnamon and raspberries. The flavour is sweet and spicy with refreshing finish and crisp acidity. It goes perfectly with with cream cheese and crackers or grilled salmon.