6 Caravan Accessories for a Comfortable and Safe Camping Adventure

With more than 500,000 caravans registered in Australia, there is no doubt that caravanning is a popular Aussie activity. And it’s easy to understand why. Caravans allow you to bring comfortable, often self-contained accommodation to countless camping destinations, and once you arrive, you can unhitch your towing vehicle to explore the area.   

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Once you purchase a caravan, there are certain accessories you’ll want to get to ensure you have a smooth journey and an enjoyable holiday. While some accessories might be optional, you’ll be glad if you have everything on this list when heading on your holiday trip. Chances are you’ll find out that there is even more thing that you and your crew want to add to this list. But, let’s get started with those top 6 recommendations, and you can certainly add from here to create your perfect home when on the road. 

Caravan Ladder

Ask caravan owners what are the must-haves in a caravan and a common answer you’ll get is a caravan ladder. This is a necessary accessory for your caravan. A telescopic multi-purpose folding caravan ladder is a great option to consider. From putting on the caravan cover to loading items on the roof of the caravan or any other general-purpose around the campsite, this ladder have you covered. 

When compared to traditional ladders, telescopic ladders have much more to offer including versatility, portability and overall convenience. Telescopic ladders can fold down small and be extremely compact. This means they are easy to store in any space in your caravan. It can also be adjusted to the exact right height you need to perform a certain task, be it to clean your caravan roof or install or detach the awning. Made from aluminium, a telescoping ladder is also lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. 

Various telescopic multi-purpose folding caravan ladder options are available on the market. When choosing one, make sure you always go for quality. You may be tempted to choose the less expensive option, but when it comes to leaders, where you save money usually means sacrificing your safety. Purchasing from a reliable retailer ensure that the product you are getting is of the highest quality and has undergone restricted testing. 

caravan ladders
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You’ll also want to look for safety features. One main feature to check is whether you’re confident you can easily open and close the ladder without trapping your fingers. You’ll also want to spot a support foot or bar for extra stability when your telescopic ladder is fully extended. Keep in mind that aluminium doesn’t protect from electric shock. But this problem can be easily addressed by buying a rubber safety mat and putting it on the ground before you place your ladder. 

Caravan Awning 

Installing an awning to the side of your caravan will give you a great extra space for your holiday. It will shield you from the harsh Australian sun and allow you to be outside even if it’s raining. Some awnings even allow you to add on full walls or fly screens, which helps create a perfect space for outdoor eating. In this case, you may also consider getting a groundsheet to keep your chairs and furniture from getting wet or dirty. 

Basic Toolkit

This is another accessory you’ll want to have in your caravan. A basic toolkit can be enough to save you the headache of having to spend time tracking down a tool store to buy a wrench or screwdriver to fix something that has broken or simply became loose. Suggestions of tools to include in your toolkit are a screwdriver, wrench, hammer or mallet with rubber head, small crowbar and even a socket set. 

Extra Water Tanks

Before hitting the road, you need to make sure you have enough water, especially if you’ll be remote. The simplest way of carrying water is to purchase extra water tanks and attach special mounting brackets on the back of your caravan to house the containers. You can then fit the tanks into your caravan or plumb it with a water pump to make extended trips more comfortable.  

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Electricity Cable

Unless you want to seat in the darkness once you arrive at your destination, get yourself a good electricity cable. To be able to illuminate your caravan you’ll need to connect a hook-up cable to the main point on the campsite, which will then provide power to your caravan. If you are looking to enjoy all your home comforts while caravaning, an electricity cable will even allow you to power a television. If you’ll be camping in a remote area without electricity, you may want to invest in a caravan solar panel system to power your caravan and your devices. 

Locks and Clamps

Although insured caravans are required to adhere to certain security standards, caravan locks are suggested as an added measure. A hitch lock is something to consider. These locks are placed on the hitch to prevent the caravan from being connected to a vehicle until it’s unlocked by the owner. You can also get wheel clamps, which are devices that lock on your wheel, making it impossible for it to roll or move. When shopping for hitch locks and wheel clamps, make sure to check that they are compatible with your specific caravan.