What Are Some of the Popular Camping Spots in Australia?

When it comes to enthusiasm for outdoor activities there’s no doubt we Aussies are famous for it, especially camping, it’s in our blood. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced camper or a newbie fact is preparation is the trick to making any outdoor camping experience memorable.

This means taking the time to find the reliable camping gear stores that have plenty to offer in terms of brands, convenient prices, gear versatility and quality. Acquiring the suitable camping gear is one of the basics unless you want bad weather to ruin your entire enthusiasm for camping altogether.

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So, first things first buy the necessary clothing, accessories like backpacks and tools, and the essential equipment such as safe and comfortable tents, sleeping bags, freezers and stoves.

What you’re going to buy from the camping gear stores also depends on where it is you intend to camp, the terrain, the season and the weather so don’t forget to consider the place first and find out as much as you can about it beforehand.

Australia has versatility when it comes to campsites, meaning there’s the right place for anyone’s taste and camping style. There’s a little something for glampers, adrenaline seekers, beachgoers and explorers but if you were wondering what are some of the most popular camping spots to get inspired and get your camping mode on, read on!

1. Bamurru Plains, NT

If you are the sort of camper who simply can’t bid luxury farewell, this is the option for you. Located near the Kakadu National Park, it offers both comfort and camping fun with the scenic breathtaking surroundings like wetlands and woodlands.

2. Coffs Harbour, NSW

In case you want to wake up to a coastal view, the Horseshoe Bay Caravan Park is simply irresistible. Apart from the lovely ocean views and beaches you can also enjoy hiking through the surrounding forests!

3. 1770, QLD

Anyone loving the idea of sleeping in tents and enjoying some water fun should pack up the beach camping gear and head to Captain Cook’s historic landing site. Apart from sleeping literally on the beach, doing a little canoeing, fishing or snorkelling, you could also treat yourself to a trip to the Great Barrier Reef.

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4. Noah Beach, Cape Tribulation, Daintree National Park, QLD

When you dream of spending your camping days in the (remote) company of wildlife, hoping to catch a glimpse of nature’s shows this is undoubtedly one of the best options for it. As part of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, you’d have the chance to step into and explore rainforests along with watching wildlife.

5. Flinders Ranges, SA

Wanting to have a taste of what outback camping experience offers you can’t skip this location. You’re surely going to be amazed by the ancient mountain range with its natural amphitheatre and if you’re experienced enough you could go for an adventure through the nearby Painted Desert famous for its colourful hills.