Adding Aesthetic to Your Home With the Popular Vinyl Flooring

There is no place like home. Whether it’s a small apartment or a big house, a home is where you can feel safe and completely relaxed while being your true self. But, a home isn’t just built overnight. You have to put your mind and soul into it, not only in the building process but also in decorating it and making it a welcoming place for you and your family. This is why house decorating is a crucial thing. Even placing a small blanket on your sofa during wintertime can make the living room look a lot warmer and nicer.

That is exactly the kind of power that the overall aesthetic of the house can have. Now besides all the furniture, the wall art or the vase with flowers on your coffee table, the most important décor element you should pay attention to is your floor. Yes, the floor can be responsible of changing the way your whole house looks. I mean, think about it. Does a dark wooden floor go well with an all pink-themed kids room? Definitely, not. So, it is very crucial to get the right floor design, as well as it’s important to make sure it’s of good quality. A bad quality floor equals creaky sounds, faster discolouration and a bad look in general.

And recently, the most popular floor type on the market has been the vinyl flooring plank. It has replaced other floorings because of its’ amazing quality and unique good looks. Now, what kind of floor is it and why exactly is it so great? Let’s look into it.


The Many Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

First let’s clear up what vinyl flooring is. It is a type of floor that is entirely made of synthetic materials such as a plasticizer and fibreglass to which a layer of solid vinyl is bonded. It can be made in the form of a sheet, a tile or a plank. Today the best choice for most homes is usually the durable and versatile vinyl flooring plank. It is constructed of multiple layers that will ensure complete isolation and comfort in your home along with other benefits. Let’s check them out:

Durable and Water-Resistant

The vinyl flooring is one of the top choices if you want an extremely durable and waterproof floor. Unlike the other floorings, such as laminate, the vinyl plank flooring won’t swell up from the water and easily tear from mechanical damaging. Thanks to the way it’s built and installed, it can withstand all sorts of damage, starting from scratches and stains to liquid spills. This makes it a real sustainable flooring option that will last you a long time, with the proper care of course!


Another reason why this type of flooring is an excellent pick is because its’ price tag. Regardless of being both durable and aesthetically-pleasing, it can still be found on the market for a reasonable price. And compared to hardwood and ceramic tile, vinyl flooring products are a lot cheaper. So, in the end, you will have flooring of great quality without having to spend an excessive amount of cash on other wood or ceramic floor types.


Multiple Designs to Pick From

Besides all the other great features, there are also many different design types of vinyl flooring to choose from. Think of any kind of pattern that will best match your walls and décor, and just decide on it. The vinyl floor will perfectly mimic the design, without anyone even noticing that it’s not the real variety.


One of the best benefits this flooring has to offer is the comfortable feeling on your feet. Especially during the cold winter seasons, as you walk around the house it will not only feel great but it will also feel warm and cosy thanks to all the layering. Also, it’s not slippery, so you and your little ones can be safe from falling!


Even when picking out the type of floor for your house, it’s important to stay aware of our environment and choose an eco-friendly option. Thankfully, the vinyl flooring planks offer just that because it is phthalate-free and has survived many rigorous antibacterial tests.

Tips on How to Care for Vinyl Floors

Lastly, it is important that you don’t take the new shiny-looking floor you have for granted. Even though vinyl flooring can take a lot of damage, it can still wear off as the years pass by. It is your job to make time and take care of it. Luckily, this type of flooring doesn’t require a ton of work. Using just water or better yet some gentle natural cleaning products, you can make sure that your floor’s life will be prolonged. Here are the dos and don’ts of cleaning vinyl flooring:



  • Use a vacuum cleaner and a dry mop to remove dust and hair.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar is a great pick. It’s one of the best DIY natural cleaning products and it can perfectly remove dirt stains without damaging the floor. Mix it in with water, dampen your mop with the solution and start cleaning!
  • If you have to use a brush to clean, make sure it is a soft-bristle brush.
  • Baking Soda is also a good cleaning agent when mixed with water, just make sure you don’t leave it for too long.
  • For stubborn stains adding dish detergent will do the trick too!
  • Do use rubbing alcohol for some type of persistent stains, but always finish up with a damp towel or mop.


  • Never polish your vinyl floor.
  • Never use abrasive cleaners or scrubbers which are of high ph levels since they can really damage and dull up your floor.
  • Never use paste waxes or ammonia-based products because they can cause cracks

To Sum Up

It’s no secret that the floor makes up the whole image of your home. Making certain that it’s both gorgeous and of good quality will do you a big favour. This is why vinyl flooring is exactly made for you. Choosing it will make sure you can walk around in your house feeling comfortable and pleased, while not putting a ton of time and effort into maintaining it. A good floor equals a good mood!