Keep on Rollin: How to Get the Popular Skater Style

While 90s fashion is making a comeback, skater style has always been mainstream and cool. From oversized T-shirts, cuffed pants, to Vans sneakers and skate socks – get the latest skate trend to create a comfortable, protective, and rebellious look.

After buying your first skateboard and your safety gear for skateboarding, it’s time to get the right clothing to fit the part. If you want to look and feel good in your skate clothes, check out the following guide for outfit ideas and inspiration.

What is Skate Style?

Skater clothes

Back in time, authentic skate clothing was typical for the rebellious and effortlessly cool young skaters who popularized the sport in the 1990s. Skateboarding began in the 1970s, but it was not until the 1990s that the sport gained such popularity that it created its fashion.

Skater clothes, like military-inspired outfits, were designed for function first, and the style evolved and blossomed from there. Skaters preferred loose clothing items that allowed them to move freely, and durable apparel that would protect them if they were wiped out. The skate style we know today is casual and edgy with an anti-establishment look.

Skater Clothing Items

The Must-Have Skate Shoes

Skateboarding shoes- Vans

The first piece of skate clothing you should get is a good pair of skateboard shoes. Skate shoes are the foundation of any successful skate style outfit. The market for skate shoes boomed in the late 1990s, with many brands making distinctive huge, clunky skate shoes and Vans adopting a more minimalist approach. Traditional athletic brands also created skateboarding shoe lines. Since then, many of the most extravagant styles have vanished, leaving only the most versatile shoes, Vans Old Skools, for example, as the timeless classics.

The Popular Skater Shorts

Skater shorts

Skate shorts tend to be loose-fitting, and long-lasting-thick cotton shorts particularly are extremely popular among skaters. Unlike contemporary versions of men’s shorts that are fitted and end above the knee, skate shorts are loose and lengthy. To get the skate look, opt for a long pair of cargo shorts or a pair of chino shorts that end at your knee.

The Skaters’ Favourite Graphic T-Shirt

Skater t-shirts

Graphic tees are a staple of skate culture. Skaters’ t-shirts are cut large and loose and have crew necks. Though several high-end labels have attempted to imitate the style of original skate tees, actual skate brands are still the best in making them. Plus, they won’t break the bank as much. So, go ahead and grab your skate tee from your favourite local skate or surf store.

The Skate Pants Trend

Skate trousers are an example of the modern trend toward fitting pants, with skateboarders favouring cuts that are simple to manoeuvre in. Jeans in a loose straight fit with cuffed ankles are fashionable as well. Work pants and khakis are also popular among skaters since they are quite durable.

Wear loose slacks, an oversized top, and your favourite skate shoes to keep your look basic. Avoid wearing chinos or sweatpants when skating because they are inconvenient and have never been popular in skate style. Now, it’s easier than ever to find a good pair of skate pants as softer tailoring is being embraced by many different retailers.

The Timeless Hoodies

Hoodies for skaters

Hoodies are a natural choice for skaters because they are adaptable, warm, and protective. Many of the same companies that create skater tees also make excellent hooded sweatshirts. Start looking through their ranges of hoodies once you’ve found some brands you like. Choose some that are subtle so you can mix and match them with your other clothes, or go big with vivid colours and striking images to make a statement. Hoodies look great with jeans, khakis, or even shorts and sneakers.

The Socks for Bold Skate Style

Socks for Skate Style

Skateboard clothing places a greater emphasis on socks than any other type of clothing. Socks, more than any other skate-style item, are inspired by the origins of skateboarding. The striped tube styles that were popular in the 1970s are still prominent in modern skate socks. This style of sock will always have a place in skate culture when combined with a pair of Old Skools and shorts. Some brands have built an entire company on outlandish socks that combine sometimes obscene patterns with high-performance materials to keep the real skater on his feet all day.

The Emphasizing Skater’s Hat

Skater's Hat

Hats are another special part of skateboard clothing, great for adding a little style while providing some sun protection. Besides the standard ball caps which are a great way to level up your skate style, there are many other hat options to consider. Different specialized skate brands make a variety of hats with unique patterns and fabrics, such as corduroy. For instance, six-panel hats with their distinct profile and a variety of colour palettes are ideal to incorporate into your skate style.

Skate Style Tips

If you wish to dress like a skater, the following tips might help you:

Choose casual, comfy styles that allow you to skate while also looking good.

Wear big graphic t-shirts, hoodies, long-sleeve shirts, and jackets from well-known skate brands.

Wear your shirt with skinny jeans, khaki slacks, cargo shorts, or loose-fitting shorts.

For a cool skater boy look, wear skate shoes from famous brands like Vans.

Accessorize with tube socks, a classic wallet chain, a logo cap, and a tiny backpack to complete your skater look.