Most Popular Vinyl Floor Tile Patterns

Although durable and good looking, the wooden flooring is quite expensive and only small number of homeowners can afford to install this flooring solution in their homes. But, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find a quality flooring solution that authentically mimics the wood, stone and other natural materials. If you are looking for a cheaper flooring solution, you should definitely try the vinyl tiles or planks. The vinyl is a type of flooring that lasts for years if properly maintained. It is ideal for high-traffic places that are prone to moisture, scratches or stubborn stains. The main reason why the vinyl flooring is so popular, beside the low price, is the ability to look almost identical to the real wood, concrete and stone. Either new patterns or the standard black and white vinyl floor tiles, this flooring solution is ideal for those who want to add something new and stylish in their home. It’s up to you to decide which pattern fits best in your home. You can choose from:

Black And White Vinyl Floor Tiles

Black And White Vinyl Floor Tiles – With checkerboard floors, your options are endless. But, if you are looking for more classic, sophisticated and retro look, then choose the black and white vinyl floor tiles. Durable, strong and affordable vinyl tiles, great for kitchens, bathrooms and any other room that needs to withstand heavy activity. Go out of the box and choose more creative tile pattern for your home. Choose the amazing black and white vinyl floor tiles.

Vinyl Wood Pattern – If you are looking for a classic and clean pattern, then choose the vinyl that mimics real wood. The vinyl wood planks look exactly as the real wooden planks. You need to get down on your knees to spot the difference. The similarity is stunning. The vinyl wood planks are ideal solution for offices, retail stores, etc. Perfect for those who want to make their home warm and comfy.

Vinyl Stone Pattern – With vinyl you can never run out of ideas. Why spending so much money on real stone, when you can have the same look with the vinyl stone pattern. Just pick the style and the texture you like. You will find a wide range of stone designs available in planks and tiles. You just need to choose the pattern that matches your taste.

Vinyl Concrete Pattern – The vinyl tiles can replicate concrete as well. Unlike the black and white vinyl floor tiles, the concrete pattern gives more clean and elegant look to your home. This vinyl type is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, offices and meeting rooms.