World’s Most Popular Wine Drinking Games

So, you’ve dropped the kids off at your parent’s house and are finally home alone. You’ve got a large backyard, and a spacious living room all to yourself, why not do something fun. Have your friends come over for a friendly gathering, have some wine and play a game or two. Wine drinking is an inevitable part of our everyday life, but wine drinking while playing games is a whole new experience! You certainly agree with me on this one. There is fun in it, laughter and positive energy burst. No wonder people’s creativity in creating wine drinking games is so large. Here are few of the most popular ones.


Flip, Sip or Strip!

This game is best to play with 3 to 5 people max, but you can also play it with more if you want the game to last longer. Take a coin and flip it in the air. Now guess the outcome: heads or tails. If you’ve guessed right, you pass the coin to the person on your right, and if you’ve guessed wrong, you pass the coin to the person sitting on your left. Sounds boring? Hold your horses, the fun part comes now. You have to either sip or strip. You need to take one piece of clothing off (anything that’s in pair counts as one piece; apparently this game does not last long if it’s summer!). Your other choice is wine drinking; a glass, a shot or if you can handle it, feel free to have more. Now here’s the catch, you can’t choose the same move twice in a row; if you decide to drink, next time you need to strip!


Quarters is a famous drinking game best played with beer, but you can substitute beer for wine if you and your friends enjoy it more. The game is best played with 3-6 people, although you can play it with more too. Here’s how it goes: all the players sit on a round table and spin a quarter to choose the first shooter. You can use a bottle for this purpose; the goal is to pick the first player in a fair manner. Once picked, the shooter needs to succeed in bouncing a quarter from the table into the glass. If he/she succeeds, the shooter chooses a person at the table that needs to consume the drink. If the shooter fails, the person sitting next to him/her is the next shooter.


FUBAR has simple rules; it involves a full deck of cards scattered on a table. Each card carries an action:

  • Ace: one glass only;
  • Two: two drinks!;
  • Three: three glasses;
  • Four: choose a person and start asking questions. He/she needs to answers with questions until someone screws it up.
  • Five: you give five glasses of wine;
  • Six: the ‘I never’ statements. The person who picks the card says something he/she never did and the one who drinks wine is the person that has done it.
  • Thumb-master: this person is chosen upfront, and he/she can choose to place their thumb on the table whenever he/she wants and multiple times. The last person to place the thumb on the table is the one that drinks. This goes on until the next seven is picked up.
  • Categories: the person that picks the eight gives a category, and everyone else must follow it and say something from that category:
    Rhymes: you have to think of a word that rhymes with the word the person holding the nine just said!
  • Ten: this is the social card; everyone is wine drinking.
  • Jack: guys drink… assholes drink;
  • Queen: ladies drinks… bitches drink;
  • King: This is where the heavy drinkers can literally screw your life. The first person (the one that picked the card) starts drinking wine. The other players follow him/her and can’t stop until the person before them stops. So until the first player stops, the second can’t stop, the third drinker can’t stop until the second stops and so on. This part is called the waterfall.



Uncorked! Is a famous wine drinking game (it can be played with beer as well) that’s soon to be commercialized. It’s a little different than the previous fun drinking games, as there’s no heavy drinking; or at least it seems like. Players should come up with new and fun wine tasting notes as they taste new wines. For instance, a player that tastes a wine needs to “Use sexual innuendo to describe the wine he/she is tasting”.

Blind Tasting

If you want to see how the blind tasting portion on the Master Sommelier exam goes, this wine drinking game is perfect. Take a few bottles of different wines by vintage, grapes, country
and region. Take a sip when your turn comes and start explaining what you feel; you may not be a wine expert, but you’ll sure have a lot of fun blind tasting and acting like one! Moreover, you can form an opinion on the type of wines you like and dislike.