How to Throw the Best Kids’ At-Home Birthday Party

The birthdays of their children are one of the most important days in a parents’ life. It’s when they celebrate the birth of the people they love the most, remembering the moments when they first took their child in their arms, feeling both happiest in the world and scared at the same time. Every parent feels a little bit nostalgic on their children’s birthdays, wondering how fast the time flies, wanting to remember these special occasions forever, as they can freeze the moment and carve it on their hearts. And for sure parents want their children to remember their birthdays the same way, making them their fondest childhood memory. That’s why they want to throw their kids the best birthday parties.

On the other hand, many parents may feel anxious and nervous as the day approaches and also overwhelmed by all the things that need to be organised. And in the last couple of years, things got a little bit more complicated with all the restrictions and uncertainty that came with the pandemics. That’s why we made for you this simple guide on how to throw the best birthday party for your child – at-home edition. Follow the steps below and make fun not just out of the birthday but also out of its organising, making a loving memory you will always remember.

The Importance of Little Things: Pre-Organise

kids birthday cake at party

Before starting to organise the whole thing, you must know what you want and what you expect the party to be like. Seems like an easy thing to do, but by doing this you’ll set the base and the flow of the entire organizing. Having your child’s age and needs in mind, ask yourself questions like the following.

  • How big a party do we want to have? How many kids? Will parents or caregivers be invited? Other relatives and friends? Are we sending invitations or we are calling everybody? – Pre-organising things like guest numbers will make it easier when it comes to food, drinks and the cake.
  • What time is best for us and the families we plan on inviting? – Many parents take nap time or lunchtime in consideration for very young children to avoid crankiness that will ruin the party mood. Afternoon hours between 2 and 6 o’clock, between lunch and dinner time, seem to be perfect for gatherings.

Write down your thoughts and answers so you won’t forget anything.

Set the Theme and Order a Themed Birthday Cake

kids birthday cake on table close up

Setting a theme for the birthday has a lot to do with the decoration in general, the activities you plan on organising and most important – the design of the birthday cake. Once you decide on the theme, all you have to do is simply decorate a corner in the house or yard where the party will take place. It doesn’t have to be complicated – ribbons and balloons in the theme colours should be enough. Also, the queen of every birthday party – the birthday cake.

A birthday party can’t be complete without a timely kids birthday cake delivery. It’s the cake that gathers all guests around, making them sing Happy birthday to the birthday boy or girl and blowing the candles. Especially young kids get very excited over a birthday cake – they can start singing the birthday song after seeing one. Since the cake is so important for the whole birthday experience, make sure you complete your bub’s birthday party puzzle with a fun and exciting cake for kids. There are some magnificent cake designs for kids available online, so get your kids birthday cake delivery organised on time. These are some ideas for birthday themes and kids birthday cakes design:

Favourite Cartoon or Movie Character

There is a variety of cartoon/movie inspired themes according to your child’s age. It can be Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol and Baby Shark for young toddlers, both girls and boys. Girls in preschool love Elsa from Disney’s Frozen movies and for boys in preschool, Cars and superheroes like Spiderman, Batman and Hulk may be the best choices.

Animal or Nature Inspired Theme

Young Children love animals, insects and dinosaurs – they get very excited about ladybugs, butterflies, unicorns or their favourite pet.

Sports Theme

If your kid is interested in a certain sport, make a sports-inspired theme birthday party. How cool is a basketball or a ballerina shoe cake design? You know your child the best. Use that and some creativity and you’ll hit the right theme spot.

Snacks and Drinks

snacks and drinks at kids birthday party

Age-appropriate finger foods are the snack option most children love. Think mini pizza bites, salty and sweet cupcakes, crackers and dips – these are things that no kid will say no to. However, if grown-ups are coming to the party, you need to mix and match and serve some other party food too. Soft drinks and water are enough for the kids, and you should decide whether will you serve alcohol or not to the adults. Keep in mind that it’s a children’s party and you’re the one to decide what’s most appropriate.

Make It Fun with These Entertaining Ideas

Often parents become so obsessed with organising, decorating and food prepping, that they forget about what the party is all about – having fun. You probably ask yourself: how can I make my kids birthday fun? For babies and young toddlers, this may be as easy as putting them in a safe play area with all your kids wooden and other toys to play with. For older children, even unwrapping gifts can be a fun activity, once you make sure there aren’t any 2-4 years old bubs in the ‘mine’ stage. Other fun activities are a cakewalk, musical chairs, Simon says, bubble wrap race, balloon pop and many others. If you can’t think of anything, you can always search online for other ways to keep your child entertained.

Keep It Simple

Although a very important day, your child’s birthday will be a joyous event only if everyone’s having fun, enjoying themselves, including you as the parents and organisers. So, if some preparation related activity is making you stressed and anxious, dump it and stick to what will make you and your family happy. Keeping it simple is the key to throwing an unforgettable birthday party everyone will enjoy.