Which Torch Lights are the Most Popular and Why

“In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil’s might
Beware my power–Green Lantern’s light!”

Alright, okay, we may not be a part of the green lantern crew, however, we are pretty much depended on light, especially at night. If we look back at history, activities such as camping or hiking were only done during the day and during night time people had get a campfire going as to have night illumination. Nevertheless, today with the advancement of technology, that problem has been solved by relying on a powerful torch light.Powerful Torch Light

While head torches have become pretty popular, powerful torch lights are still a good choice whenever you need a handheld light. The most common situations when you need a torchlight are: when you want to have the most powerful torch light available; when you require dexterity and precision of the light; when you need to set up a light so you can work at a given task.

The advancement of LED technology have resulted in making the torchlight smaller, brighter and lighter than what they were a couple of years ago, plus the life of the battery has been extended. Before you search for powerful torch light for sale you need to compare them with these key factors: The light output, type of the battery and its run time and the size and weight of the torchlight.

The price of the torchlights can vary from $50 up to $1000, but the size is nearly the same. Well, if the size is the same, what makes a certain torchlight more expensive than the other? More expensive torchlight means a more powerful bulb, battery and circuitry tech. Also, the rechargeable battery can add to the cost, or special features such as water-resistance, effective heat dissipation and a couple of lighting modes to choose from.

Currently on the Australian market, there are dozens of powerful torchlight for sale, however, I have picked the most affordable and the most expensive powerful torch light so you can decide for which category you should go – affordable yet functional or expensive with special features.


This torch light weights around 218g and has lighting power of 1050 lumens. It is quite popular among Australians because it features a long range LED tech from CREE. The beam of the XP-L HI can reach up to 415m distance,offering you pure white light.

AceBeam X65

This mean lean light machine weigh around 1290g and offers astonishing 12000 lumens! This amazing rechargeable torch light uses the best CREE technology with the XHP35 high-intensity LEDs offers viewing distance up to 1301m! Additionally, this torch light comes with a charger and battery back based on the 18650 batteries!