Popular Skincare Products: Why You Should Add Micellar Water to Your Routine?

A favourite skincare product amongst many regular everyday people, as well as makeup artists and even dermatologists – micellar water has various purposes, including moisturising, cleansing and toning your skin. Micellar water gets its names after the micelles it contains – molecules with spherical chemical structures. These tiny balls are in fact cleansing molecules that pull the oil and the dirt from your skin. People around the world use it to clean their pores by removing dirt, oil and face makeup products from their skin.

So, regardless of your age, your gender or your skin type, adding micellar water into your daily skincare routine can make a huge difference for many different reasons. Basically, micellar water is a face cosmetics product which cleanses your skin in a gentle way, while also keeping it healthy. It comes in different types and it’s made with moisturisers, such as glycerine, mild surfactants – the compounds that help you cleanse your skin and purified water. Different types can also contain different ingredients that are beneficial for your skin, like vitamins.

It Promotes Your Skin’s Health

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The most important reason why we use quality face cosmetics is to keep our skin hydrated, which in turn keeps it healthy and youthful. And, amongst other components, all micellar water products contain some type of moisturiser, which promote skin hydration. Moisturising is quite important both for the health and beauty of your skin.

Amongst your other face cosmetics products, you probably already have moisturisers, which, as you know, help you maintain your skin’s youthful glow and slow down the process of ageing, and they reduce the risk of developing skin issues, like acne. They work either by helping your skin retain moisture or by creating a barrier, which stops stopping evaporation and keeps your skin moist, or as a combination of both. While micellar water is often used as a cleanser, the presence of moisturisers is one of the best things about it, and the main reason why it’s so useful.

So, understandably micellar water is a perfect choice for dry skin, but that’s not only because of its moisturising properties. Because surfactants, or the cleansing compounds in micellar water, are very gentle and mild, it is the perfect choice as a multipurpose face cosmetic for people with dry skin or sensitive skin. Namely, aside from its moisturising and cleansing properties, it can be used as a toner as well.

It Promotes Your Skin’s Youthfulness

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Most people use micellar water for its cleansing properties, or in other words, to remove oil, dirt and makeup from their face. The micelles, the molecules formed in this multipurpose product, are very effective in cleaning the skin. These molecules also allow the ingredients to reach the deeper layers of your skin, as they increase your skin’s permeability.

Furthermore, as we previously mentioned, glycerine is one of the ingredients in micellar water. This is important, because glycerine also increases skin permeation, making the cleansing properties of the micellar water even more powerful and effective.

However, face makeup can be quite hard to clean, and even though micellar water is multipurpose and is great at cleansing your skin if you are someone who uses a lot of makeup, you may want to use a cleaner that’s designed specifically for this purpose, especially if you use some heavy and waterproof makeup. For healthy skin, you should never leave makeup and other products, like false eyelashes, on your face for too long.

Moisturising and cleansing the skin comes with a number of benefits for your skin health. Hydrated skin is not only healthy, but it’s also soft and beautiful. The cleansing, on the other hand, keeps your pores clean and unclogged, meaning that micellar water can also prevent you from getting acne or blackheads. Apart from all the health and youthfulness benefits it offers, micellar water can also help you even out the tone of your skin, which basically means that you can also use it as a toner.

It’s Beneficial Even for Dry or Sensitive Skin

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While different types of micellar water may contain different ingredients, in general, all of them are suited for any type of skin. Whether you have dry, oily or normal skin, the compounds in micellar water will soothe your skin, keeping it safe, hydrated and clean. Furthermore, because it doesn’t contain anything that can irritate or inflame the skin, it’s also great for people with sensitive skin or with skin conditions.

As a matter of fact, micellar water doesn’t contain alcohols, soaps or anything else that’s known to irritate the skin. The glycerine can furthermore even reduce irritation and inflammation of the skin. Nevertheless, if you have a skin condition it’s best if you consult a dermatologist, because you may need to use other products to address your specific issues.