What Makes a Snorkel Popular Among Off-Roading Fans?

One of the great things about owning a 4×4 vehicle is the way it allows you to get off the beaten track and out into Australia’s most spectacular scenery. Plus, there are many accessories that you, as a 4×4 enthusiast can fit in order to improve your experience and help your vehicle in conquering mother nature. In my opinion, the most effective and the cheapest product for this is the 4×4 snorkel.

Snorkels are something that have been used for a very long time, on both vehicles and craft. Before WW1, they were used on tanks and submarines. After WW1, however, with the mechanization of agriculture, they were used on tractors and transport vehicles in order to supply the engine with air, free of contaminants and water. In much more recent times, with the increased use of leisure 4×4 vehicles, snorkels are mostly fitted to allow the crossing of rivers safely, without causing damage to the engine.


However, there are a few more benefits you can obtain from a well designed 4×4 snorkel, like the cold air induction system. The cold air induction system is designed to improve the power and fuel efficiency of your vehicle, something which appears contradictory, but in fact isn’t.

Combustion engines need fuel and air to operate. And with more air and oxygen flowing into the intake of the manifold, the more efficient the combustion. A cold air induction system harvests the fresh air at the roof level where the air is least disturbed. This air is cooler than the air absorbed from the engine bay and contains less contaminant, which means there’s more oxygen in it. Most newer vehicles are fitted with engine management systems which measure accurately in real-time the inputs available to the engine required to improve its efficiency. This leads to the availability of cooler air to result into more torque and power.

In order to purchase the best snorkel for your vehicle, you need to know your vehicle’s wading depth and know which components cause its limitation. Additionally, only buy a snorkel if it fits 100% on your vehicle. Avoid snorkels that are hard to install and ones that aren’t manufactured for your vehicle. With that being said, you should look to buy from a reputable company as the last thing you want is a hack job with unsealed gaskets and gaping holes, which could lower your vehicle’s wading depth and lead to possible engine damage, water inhalation and corrosion.