What Are the Most Popular Types of Materials for Office Chairs

Anyone with a desk job knows the importance of having good office equipment and working in a pleasant environment. And when speaking about office equipment, the chair plays a huge role for the overall feeling of comfort. As an employer, besides choosing comfortable chairs for your employees, you should also provide bulk office chair models that are made of quality and appealing material. It’s recommended to choose pieces that can withstand ongoing use, and last for a long period of time. That’s why you should take a closer look at the pros and cons of the most popular types of materials for office chairs.


One of the most common types of office chairs are the mesh ones. They are quite popular with both employers and employees because of the breathability and comfort they offer. As their name implies, these chairs allow airflow to reach the body when used. This makes mesh chairs great for the use in summer when the weather is hot and our body is warmer and tends to sweat more. Unfortunately, it seems that these chairs can’t distribute the bodyweight the same way a fabric chair can. This can result in them losing their shape and becoming uncomfortable over time.

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Fabric office chairs have been present on the market for a long time and for a good reason too. The nature of these materials can make for a more bulk office chair, but not to the extent of it taking too much space since modern models are made to be as sleek and simple as possible. There are lots of types from which you can choose, ranging from woven to knitted which means there’s something ideal for any type of office. Whether shopping for office chairs for your general office area or conference room, you can’t go wrong by choosing ones made of fabric. Although in the past the main drawback of fabric was its susceptibility to spills, nowadays, you can choose water-resistant materials. This means that no stains will show on the material, making it a win-win combo. Besides, just like mesh, fabric is also a breathable material, great for use throughout the year.


Without a doubt, leather is the most stylish, breathable and luxuriously looking material used for covering office chairs. Unfortunately, leather office chairs come at a price. Except for being pricier, they are also quite sensitive and one needs to take proper care of them. For instance, when exposed to sunlight, discolouration might appear, as well as cracking. Besides, it’s well-known that leather can make our body sweat which makes them a poor choice for use in summer.

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Faux Leather

Unlike leather which is extremely soft and pleasant to touch, faux leather can vary in texture and the level of softness and sketchiness. Usually made from PVC – polyurethane, faux leather office chairs are more preferred than genuine leather because of their price. They are more affordable and easier to clean, but when compared to genuine leather, more prone to cracking and wear. And just like leather, faux leather also offers a certain level of breathability, but they can also make the body warmer and sweaty. Precisely these things make faux leather office chairs the least desirable choice for usage during the warmer time of the year.


Although natural, wood is considered extremely uncomfortable material for office chairs, especially if not padded/cushioned. While it’s true that they offer great back support and are available in a range of styles and shapes, they are not comfy. This especially goes for those workers who need to sit for at least eight hours per day.

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One of the greatest benefits of plastic office chairs is that they are available in a wide range of designs, styles and shapes. Out of all these office chairs, the plastic ones can literally leave you breathless with their exceptional design. But just like wooden chairs, plastic is also considered the least comfortable and are not designed for continuous use on a daily basis.


Last but not least, vinyl is also a popular choice for office chairs. This material offers ease of maintenance as well as different levels of softness and textures. Chairs made of this material are super durable, however, the main downside is that this material is not breathable. Although it doesn’t hold heat like leather and faux leather, vinyl chairs can somehow get extremely warm and uncomfortable for workers.

And while the type of material plays a huge role in how comfortable an office chair can be, thinking about its ergonomic properties  is also crucial. Taking into account all of these things is paramount for creating a healthy and productive work atmosphere.