The Most Popular Weighing Scales and What to Consider When Buying One

Every business that has a shipping operation as one of its primary sectors needs an industrial scale, to weigh and properly pack and ship its products. Industrial scales are also used in many other industries and applications, and there are many types and brands to choose from, so deciding which one is ideal may not be as easy as buying a weighing scale you’d normally buy for your home to weigh yourself on.

The most popular types of industrial weighing scales are compact scales, wash down scales, floor pallet scales and crane scales. But regardless of which type of scale you end up deciding to buy, there are a few things to consider, which apply to all popular scale types. So consult with your team, and evaluate your entire work process. Determine how many scales you need, where they’ll be located, how large the weighing platform needs to be, and the maximum weight capacity.

Weighing Scales

The working environment and where the weighing scales you invest in will be used can play a huge role in the buying process. Will it be used on a bench, or on the floor? Does it need to be portable? Will the indicator be remotely mounted? All of this needs to be carefully considered before buying. Many scales come with a weighing display, that can be attached and detached from the scale if need be. Moreover, you can mount the display with a mounting or tower kit, so you can read it more easily.

Furthermore, not every scale is intended for use in harsh working conditions. Some may require high-pressure wash down, and other chemicals. The amount of dust present in the workplace can also impact your buying decision. Generally, industrial scales are made of rough materials, such as mild and stainless steel, and they’re classified as heavy-duty scales.

Additionally, you can opt to invest in a trolley that has a built-in load scale. A trolley scale can ensure that you’re shipping no less and no more than you actually want to ship in weigh. These pieces of equipment usually use batteries for the scale, and can act as a normal trolley, which you can use to transport products around.

That being said, you can find industrial scales and trolleys that feature scales online with relative ease. There are many different types of scales, so you won’t be left with a shortage of options, and you’re bound to find what you’re looking for. This allows you to be picky, so don’t settle for something that’s alright, as an industrial scale can play a big role in your business.