Top Most Popular Brands Of Commercial Compressors

When on the market for some sort of machine or other product, you surely look for a popular and reputable brand, since only the popular and widely known brands offer high-quality products. That’s the same thing with the commercial compressors. Most retailers recommend buying branded commercial compressors, simply because they have better quality and warranty that guarantees longer lifespan and superior results. Sometimes it’s better to pay a little bit more, rather than spending extra money on future repairs or parts replacement.


The commercial compressors are not cheap investment. If you plan to use them on a daily basis, then it is recommended to buy one from a popular brand. Reputable brands produce high-quality commercial compressors that will ensure fast return on investment. Keep in mind that choosing the right brand is equally important as choosing the right compressor features. Check which brands rule the market these days:


One of the most popular brands for commercial compressors is Makita Corporation. This corporation was established in 1915, when the first head office was opened in Japan. Today, Makita is popular all around the world for its stationary woodworking machines, air tools, electric power tools, household tools and other products. Makita introduced the anti vibration technology AVT, that significantly reduced the level of vibration in the heavy-duty power tools. Makita today produces a whole range of high-quality commercial compressors, but the one that stand out is the MAC5200.


DeWalt is an American company founded by Raymond E. DeWalt. When he established the company in 1924, the main focus was only on producing electric universal woodworking machines. Today, this brand is known as one of the most reputable manufacturer of commercial compressors. DeWalt is among the best manufacturers of power tools which are used in many industrial facilities all over the world. The top-selling commercial compressors from DeWalt are: D55168, D55140 and D55151.


Champion has been on the market since 1919. This brand is one of the largest manufacturers of commercial compressors. A leader on the market for reciprocating and rotary screw air compressor systems. This brand stands for quality and reliability. The commercial compressors from Champion stand out for their exceptional energy efficiency and outstanding performance. These compressors are built especially for the tough Australian conditions. If you want to reduce the maintaining costs and save up to 40% on energy, then pick the Champion air compressors.


Bosch is nothing less than the above mentioned brands. It is well-known brand on the market for automotive components, consumer goods and industrial products. The founder of this German electronic company is Robert Bosch. Robert managed to create a brand that you can trust. The commercial compressors from Bosch are described as powerful, reliable and extremely functional. One of the compressors that stand out on the market is the Bosch CET4-20W.