Mirrors: The Popular and Versatile Elements for Reflecting Style in Your Home

What makes home comfortable? Along with all the necessary pieces of furniture, it’s the little elements that make it whole, like all the details of décor. We may think to be able to get the interior décor of our dreams we have to spend thousands, investing in a variety of art pieces, adding layers of textures and patterns, but great news is the answer is simpler. If you’ve been looking for the versatile decorative elements that can bring out the best of your living nest, look no further than mirrors.Bathroom Mirrors

While they are primarily used for reflecting light, they can open up the space due to the visual trick of expanding an area, fill up an empty space, and enhance the décor altogether. Best thing about mirrors? They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles, which means they can be used just about any place in your home you set your mind to. First place we think of mirrors is of course the bathroom, but while in the past this room was only meant to serve as utilitarian, nowadays it’s more of a relaxation haven and the vast choices of bathroom mirrors are the perfect indicator of this.

The addition of a mirror in your bathroom can immediately transform the space, in a way uplift it, no matter the style. Even bathroom mirrors in the modern and somewhat minimalist style can bring luxury to your home, particularly those types that have metallic finish; then again the frame has a great role in decoration as well, so it can be of help when wanting to further define the space. You can spice things up in a rather stale modernist bathroom by implementing the beauty of an intricate vintage frame mirror, or you can modernise a traditional utilitarian bathroom by bringing the smoothness of a mirror with a soft painted matte finish.

Considering mirrors are just as great as artwork, and sometimes even better, they give the freedom of being used anywhere in your home, even unusual places, like right above your bathtub, or in the bedroom above the bedhead and bedside tables. Mirrors are ideal for making grand entrances as well, so don’t exclude them from your hallway, no matter how big or small it is. If your space is lacking the openness and light of windows, you can get a visual trick by placing a mirror by a window, or even between two. However, just as it can be the ace up your sleeve in décor, it can easily ruin the space if not placed strategically.

Knowing the mirror is the means of reflection, it’s crucial to place it in a position where you’d love to reflect the surroundings, so avoid placing it where it’s going to reflect features of furniture, or God forbid clutter, that you aren’t exactly proud of. You can bring the beauty of greenery in your home even without using a great deal of plants with the simple addition of a mirror where it can show off a garden from outside. Dressing rooms and corners can have the mirror as a focal point, so don’t be afraid to be bold when playing with these versatile elements in your interior. If you feel like there’s something missing in your home, try filling it up with a mirror or two.