The Popularity Behind the Landcruiser 75 Exhaust

If you are looking to upgrade your Landcruiser with a new exhaust system, there’s one thing I can tell you for sure – the Landcruiser 75 exhaust won’t let you down. I recently finished installing one on my my Landcruiser and noticed great improvements, both in performance and sound. In light of that discovery, I figured I’d share my experience and let you know what to watch out for and hopefully help you avoid some common mistakes. With variations available in design and materials it can get a bit confusing, so let’s see what are the things you need to pay more attention to.

Toyota Land Cruiser 75 Exhaust

Find a Manufacturer You Can Trust

I got mine from a local manufacturer the background of which was easy to check. If you don’t have someone close to you who is familiar with exhaust systems, ask around before you settle on a manufacturer. You can also go and check what people have to say about them check in their online reviews. The internet is a great source of information you should take full advantage of by comparing the products between manufacturers and finding the best one. Just bare in mind that finding two same models from two different manufacturers doesn’t mean that each manufacturer used the same materials and skill to make it.


Obviously the material is very important as it will determine how durable the exhaust system is. I went for high quality aluminised steel since this is the best quality to money ratio. Also, make sure that your Landcruiser 75 exhaust comes with a high quality material bolt on system – there is no point spending too much money on a high quality exhaust if the bolts holding it mounted are no good. Cheaper materials might produce the same result, but it won’t last as long and you will probably end up replacing it sooner than you think.

Improve Fuel Economy and Sound

The most noticeable difference for me was the sound, it definitely has a bit more roar to it now and is deeper sounding in general. But the thing that made me happy the most was that I not only added a bit of power to my truck, but also improved fuel economy. That is the beauty of getting an after-market exhaust, the quality is much better and the materials are much more durable, unlike automotive companies which don’t pay too much attention to the materials used for making their exhaust and go for the cheapest options.