Necessary Packing Supplies to Make Your Move Easier

Moving can be difficult and can make you and everyone around you stressed if you are not properly prepared. Most people think that they can just pack everything on moving day – this is a big no no. First, you must plan to pack a lot earlier and get everything done before moving day. This way you only have to pack up the truck, car, or van and move your things. This sounds easy, but it’s really not as it always takes a lot longer than you think. It’s best that you have all the packing materials you need in order to start early. This list of items will help you pick up everything you need so you don’t have to run to the store over and over again. If you want to know what these packing supplies are keep reading below.

Moving and PackingMoving Tape

You will need a whole lot of moving tape when packing to make sure that everything is packed securely and tightly. You will also need a few different varieties of moving tape, depending on what you’re packing. You will need moving tape that is labeled fragile so you can label boxes with fragile items packed inside them. You will probably need a lot more of this than you think so you might want to stock up.


This is pretty much a no brainier when it comes to moving – you obviously need boxes to put your belongings in. You make sure to stock up on all different sizes boxes as you will need small ones for heavy items like books, as well as fragile items like glasses. You will need medium boxes for toys, small appliances, electronics, and clothes. Large boxes should be used for things such as curtains, bedding, and anything else that’s bulky but doesn’t weight much.

Bubble Wrap

You can’t just throw all your items into boxes and hope for the best, they have to be packed properly in order to arrive safely. You should wrap any electronics or things that can get damaged easily with bubble wrap so that it can absorb any shocks that might happen while driving to your destination. The more you wrap in bubble wrap the more of a chance you have of arriving at your destination without anything getting damaged.

Packing Peanuts

Packing peanuts are something you will absolutely need when trying to pack hard objects or oddly shaped objects into boxes. These peanuts have been designed to fill the empty space that might be left over in a box to make sure that the object isn’t moving around inside. Styrofoam peanuts are more common, but starch peanuts are overall better for the environment. You can not dispose of Styrofoam as easily so choose wisely.

Packing Paper

While some people swear by newspaper, the ink can leave stains on your belongings. You should buy some packing paper instead so you are able to pack glasses, plates, and anything else in your kitchen correctly. The paper absorbs any grease that might be left behind and it also stops glass or porcelain from rubbing or bumping against one another.


Last but not least, buy some labels! This will make moving in a whole lot easier for you and the people helping you. The easiest way to really organize a move is to label the boxes by what room they are intended to go in. This makes unpacking a whole lot easier and a lot faster .You also won’t have to dig through every box to find something afterwards. If there are important belongings inside that you need straight away also consider writing that on the label.