The Popular Ways to Bring Your Blank Walls to Life

Somewhere along the process of coming up with the interior of our dreams, we often forget to include the walls into the equation, and that’s a huge mistake. I say huge mainly because the walls take up a huge surface of our homes, which means they provide a vast space for our imagination, and creativity, to cover up, and make them blend into, and feel part of our homes.

Even if you’re a minimalist, that’s no excuse to avoid to include wall beauty in the interior decor as well, because there is a thin line between minimalism and monotony if not done properly. If you don’t know where to begin, you can’t go wrong by letting trends guide you, and some of the timeless popular trends that can help you bring your blank walls to life start with the addition of printed canvas art.
Prepare to be amazed by the wide variety of options you’d come across. Ranging from those inspired by nature, wildlife, and cityscapes, to abstract ideas, resulting in a splash of colours of printed canvas art, it’s the perfect way to transform any room into your home.


You don’t even have to go overboard by adding more, as even one can make a difference. Just make sure you do your homework, size and shape wise, so you can find the perfect one for the right wall to avoid creating an art gallery, or tacky decor.

Do you have photographs you’re proud of, or sentimental about? Well, now is as good a time as any to expose your talent, print them, frame them, and hang them on your walls. That would further inspire you to change certain photography techniques, and enhance your skills; who knows, maybe even to take up photography as more than a hobby.

Ever thought of using up the timeless beauty of timepieces? Yes, clocks can be quite versatile, as they can vary in style, from the classy, to the modern, and you can even combine more of them (of course, choose those that go well together), and create a clock mural. That way you can never be pressed for time!

You can count on the everlasting charm of mirrors to visually expand the interior, and create a sense of openness by reflecting and letting more light in. No one can resist the intricate beauty of a vintage frame mirror. Imagine the sense of value and style your home would instantly be adorned with.

Last but not least, if you aren’t sure about going for a choice that’s more artsy, you can always go for something simple, yet still fun, like the colourful hooks, or leather and bracket hangers, for instance. That way you’d get vivacious walls as well as save up on some space, getting additional storage room.