Most Popular Fishing Equipment

Fishing has become one of the more popular recreational sports in Australia in recent years. However, fishing would not be perfect without the latest fishing equipment, essential for catching small or big fish. With so many new and innovative fishing products, it is hard to choose the right fishing equipment that will satisfy your preferences. When equipped with the right fishing equipment, you will be able to catch various Australian species, even the ones hard to catch. Due to the advancement of the technology, fishing equipment industry has improved a lot. There is even fishing equipment capable to sense the movements of the fish. In order to help you choose and select the right fishing equipment, we’ve listed few of the most popular fishing gadgets.

fishing equipment

Shimano Cumara – If you are looking for a high quality rod, then Shimano Cumara is the perfect choice. Shimano is one of the most popular fishing equipment brands in the world. Shimano’s IM-10 model is an ultra-light and sensitive rod that detects even the smallest nibbles. In order to cope well with various Australian species, choose Cumara as part of your fishing equipment. The Cumara rod won the award Best of the Best in 2008, for its durability and quality.

Baitcaster Curado Reel Curado is a fishing reel used by professional fishermen. This model includes four stainless and one roller bearings with a drag system, making it an ideal for catching big fishes. Curado baitcaster reel is smoother and more durable model when compared to the G series, and is worth the money. Less effort is required to handle a reel like this one, and is far more comfortable to hold it in hands. Professionals know what quality fishing equipment means which is why they choose Shimano reels.

Brutas Pliers – Beside the rods and the reels, plier is another must-have fishing equipment. This Shimano blended steel fishing plier model includes 2 long nose pliers and a 7” cutter that is ideal for sharpening or filleting the fish you catch. Dual dipped in Titanium, these pliers are protected from corrosion and harsh water conditions, which makes them very durable and long-lasting. If fishing is your profession or simply your favorite hobby, then don’t hesitate to spend some extra money to buy the Brutas pliers in order to arm yourself with the best fishing equipment that will serve you for years to come.